Saturday, July 10, 2010

Radio Flyer a Symbol of Summer

I hope everyone's 4th of July was spectacular!! We celebrated on the 3rd since the 4th was on a Sunday this year. Since my mom came to visit to watch the kids and the dog while Brian and I was at Lilith Fair on the 2nd she spent an extra day on the 3rd hanging out. I went to Go Fourth! in Longview, Washington with my mom, Jaedan and Teela (Delbin was with his father because he was misbehaving). We had fun watching the cardboard boat races and thought the pirate ship was extravagant even though it sank. I guess they are making them a new tradition now. I bought these neat pillow shams that were made out of recycled sari silk from India. We also bought the pickled garlic we buy almost every year from the Garlic Lady and this year we also bought some stuffed gourmet olives and some of their Marionberry elixir. My mom and I shared a salmon dish and when we got home I found out I won a gift bag full of great goodies (Rosemary & Mint hand and body lotion, bath salts, and bath and shower gel) from Wellness Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. I had tried the Aroma Land Lemongrass & Sage hand and body lotion at their booth and it was really great smelling! I usually enter and win something every year from somebody's booth it seems, but I think that this was the best I have gotten so far.

July 4th is now over, but celebrations all over America are still in full swing. In my city they started Rainier Days in the Park on July 8th, a celebration they have every year where I live that has vendors, food booths, a carnival with rides, live music, a pancake breakfast, a logging show, a parade, fireworks (rivals Longview, Washington's 4th of July fireworks display), and the Colgate Country Showdown. I love looking at all the vendors and the fireworks are awesome!! We went yesterday and I bought some cute bucket hats and bonnets and an Ariel mermaid dolly for Teela and the new baby at a vendor that is a store with gently-used children's things. I also found some used paperback chapter books at another vendor for my boys to read. Jaedan got his face painted and we all shared some cheese nachos and some soda.

Today I went to the Scappoose Farmer's Market, picked up my WIC coupons, and bought some plants for my garden and berries there. Delbin won some markers and a huge lollipop and Jaedan won some strawberries for finding a hidden plastic carrot in one of the various booths. I also had some driving practice on my way back. Then we went to Rainier Days in The Park again because I wanted to get a Strawberry Shortcake dolly I saw at the same vendor I bought the Ariel doll and hats...Teela was thrilled when I got it for her :) Jaedan got his face painted again while we were there. Lastly we looked around at our local Rainier Marina Market and I bought some huge pears that looked yummy for the boys. I just wish I had brought my Radio Flyer wagon along also because Teela got tired on the last leg and I had to carry her. Maybe I will remember to pack it in the van next time!!

Patriotic Celebrations mean families will be celebrating by heading to parks, beaches and backyard barbecues to commemorate the occasion with fireworks, sparklers and other symbols of celebration. Radio Flyer reminds me of summer filled with celebration. Since 1917 Radio Flyer has brought us the famous little red wagons that have become a favorite of American families and children everywhere. Now they have more than a dozen award-winning wagon models and a complete line of tricycles, scooters, and other ride-ons. Radio Flyer is as synonymous with outdoor play as summer itself.

This wagon has all kinds of great uses from pulling your children in, being in a parade, or carrying all the ingredients to a great BBQ or picnic. These great wagons have provided and will still continue to provide hours of enjoyment outdoors and think of the great memories it will bring!

Radio Flyer is celebrating 93 years of smiles and the beginning of summer by launching the World's Largest Wagon Mosaic. Simply capture your families' Radio Flyer moments on camera and go to to add your photo and help the legacy of the little red wagon live on! I entered the photo above into the mosaic. Find it by going HERE.

Also you can follow Radio Flyer @RadioFlyerSmile on Twitter and fan/like them on Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: Thanks to MomSelect and BSM Media and Radio Flyer for giving me information about the World's Largest Wagon Mosaic. By posting about the World's Largest Wagon Mosaic I have the opportunity to also be entered into a contest to win 1 of 3 versions of Radio Flyer's wagons (the Classic Red Wagon, the All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon or the Ultimate Comfort Wagon). My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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