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SchoolhouseTeachers.com Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership Review #ComplimentaryProductReceived

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. Affiliate links are in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog.

My family had the privilege of trying the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership from SchoolhouseTeachers.com for this review to use in conjunction with our own curriculum at home. This is a Homeschool Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is a wonderful homeschooling website for wholesome Christian worldview based courses which saves time, resources, and money. They are self-paced and flexible for you and your children and once you start the membership you have all their Christian homeschool curriculum right at your fingertips. They have courses in many subject, including: Bible, Language Arts, Math, History, Geography, Social Studies, Science, Art, Computer, Drama/Speech, Languages, Music, Health/Fitness, Electives, Unit Studies, Literacy Center, Preschool, Learning Center. The curriculum is very flexible. You can build your own curriculum or use the information found in the Scope & Sequence to put a subject or grade together. Parents can easily build a customized curriculum that matches the specific needs of their children. This is an online membership with downloadable, printable elements as well as online classes and video components. Interactive courses are also being added as well so that the parent or guardian doesn't have to directly teach the student. All updates and enhancements to courses are included in the membership, so as more interactive courses become available, they are automatically added to your membership. Once you have your membership you can browse by grade: learning together, elementary, middle school, and high school or by subject.

Subjects Included in Membership


There are also School Boxes at no extra cost. These are like boxed curriculum, but are in digital format in SchoolhouseTeachers for your convenience. They come with your membership and include all you need to teach your student at home. Included is a curriculum guide for each subject that correlates with the Scope and Sequence, weekly checklists to keep you on track, daily checklists that guide you and your student through each activity, direct links to the SchoolhouseTeachers courses and resources you need by the week, all the additional suggested materials for the year listed in one place, and links to additional SchoolhouseTeachers resources for those days you want to spend more time on a topic your kids love.


SchoolhouseTeachers School Boxes

Under resources you can also find back issues of the The Old Schoolhouse Trade Magazine in digital format. With your subscription you will be able to read so many awesome articles on homeschooling. I love that they have this as well because I can read articles that I might have missed in the previous years.

There is also a Literacy Center that helps teach your child how to read in 101 simple steps. The Literacy Center covers pre-reading and reading from a preschool-2nd grade level and reading comprehension through a 3rd-4th grade level. In this center they have downloadable books for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. There are also other series and classics as well to read. 

The Focused Learning Centers are also included in the membership. These are resources available when your student needs help in a particular area. They have resources for math, reading, special needs, foreign language, high school, college planning, or science.

A SchoolhouseTeachers membership is one price for the entire family with courses for all ages. From preschool through the last high school year, SchoolhouseTeachers has it covered, and the price is locked-in for as long as you keep your membership!

How We Used This and Our Thoughts: 

During our review period we checked out SchoolhouseTeachers and their "Christmas Corner" since Christmas was coming up. You can find it under the resources tab in the Holiday and Seasonal Content. We downloaded the Finding Christ in Christmas Activities PDF. It was basically a advent calendar for the month of December. Each day had an activity and a related scripture. All activities focused around Christ and his teachings about love for others. December 30th was make a food pine cone for the birds and we found out that we were doing this for both these lessons and a lesson in the "Let's Do Science Outside" that we were also going through this year. In the "Christmas Corner they also had Christmas themed videos for both kids and the rest of the family and other Christmas themed lessons that spanned subjects, for example: learning about the animals of the nativity, building a gingerbread house, copywork and lapbooking, learning about what Christmas was like in the renaissance, and learning to play Joy to the World on a violin, etc.


SchoolhouseTeachers Let's Do Science Outside Overview


We checked out the 4th grade science out because my daughter, Zari, loves science and this would be age appropriate for her. We looked at all the curriculum and settled on the "Let's Do Science Outside" lessons. We had previously done the "Let's Do Art Outside" lessons last year and thought this would be fun to do as well. The "Let's Do Science" has a lesson plan and 20+ lessons that you can download and print in PDF format. The Lesson Plan is a PDF and has the class length, schedule, resources needed, instructions, lessons completed (you check the box by each lesson as soon as they are finished), and a table with date, lesson, materials required, and notes that you can fill in yourself. Each activity has fun things to do with science outside. We love being outdoors in nature and doing lessons outside is a big plus because it gets the wiggles out and lets minds explore. I thought that overall the lessons all looked like fun and so we picked one to do that my daughter was interested in doing. She picked the one called "Natural Pine Cone Bird Feeder". Since it is winter birds need the extra food and fat that these give them. We had a lot of great pine cones from an evergreen tree that drop them in our backyard, so she went out and found a good one to use. We didn't have lard like it said in the recipe to use so instead we used peanut butter because that is a great alternative. She had a lot of fun with this lesson and definitely will want to do more of the lessons when it isn't as wet outside.


Zari Making the Natural Pine Cone Bird Seed Feeder.


Lessons of Let's Do Science Outside... 

  1. Make Your Own Wormery
  2. Making a Wormery Step-by-Step Instructions 
  3. What to Feed Worms in Your Wormery 
  4. All About the Worms in Your Wormery 
  5. Wormery Sequencing Sheets
  6. Build a Boat 
  7. Butterfly Life Cycle Windsock Craft
  8. Carrot Family
  9. Design Your Own Flower Activity
  10. Design Your Own Flower Activity - My Flower Design Sheet
  11. Five Sense Scavenger Hunt 
  12. Flower Finder Mini Book
  13. Hotel Fit for Some Bugs Activity
  14. Hotel Fit for Some Bugs Activity Recording Sheet
  15. Hotel Fit for Some Bugs Activity (Advanced)
  16. Leaf Perimeter Problem
  17. Make Your Own Butterfly Garden 
  18. Make Your Own Butterfly Garden Activity - Butterfly Checklist
  19. Make Your Own Butterfly Garden Activity-Butterfly Shape Cut Outs
  20. Make Your Own Worm Hotel Activity with Questions
  21. Making Bubbles
  22. Natural Pine Cone Bird Feeder
  23. Nature Walk Bug Hunt
  24. Nature Walk Observation Checklist
  25. Nature Walk Plants and Flowers Hunt
  26. Sycamore Seed Helicopter Activity
  27. Sycamore Seed Helicopter Fantastic Flight Challenge 
  28. Tree ID Activity
  29. Tree Tally Chart


There is also a great video library that you get access to with the membership of SchoolhouseTeachers. This has 450+ videos across several academic areas, as well as kids’ entertainment, marriage and parenting, apologetics, Bible study, and holidays. There are some videos in this library that are hosted on RightNow Media. You will need to have an account with RightNow Media in order to view these videos. These videos are noted by the orange banner in the upper right hand corner of the image. The videos that are strictly North American are noted by the red banner in the upper right hand corner of the image. There are videos that are only included in the Ultimate membership and these are noted by the blue banner in the upper right hand corner of the image. Some of the videos in the library are parts of the many classes on the SchoolhouseTeachers site. The video page is a library with all the videos rounded up in one place so that you can find them easily and all together. If you click on the images then it goes directly to the lessons they go with or the streaming video on their site. We absolutely love the Drive Thru History videos and Violin and Guitar lesson videos.

I love that with this membership you have the flexibility and ability to build a customized complete curriculum. You can create a schedule for each of your children using their Schedule Builder. You can choose a weekly schedule or a 9 week schedule. The scope and sequence will help you build you schedule and know what needs to be taught depending upon the grade or subject. You can build a whole curriculum for your child or pick and choose courses to use as a supplement to your child's education.

There are so many pockets on the SchoolhouseTeachers that I have not even gotten a chance to see yet and they keep on adding more things. I definitely haven't mentioned everything. I am going to love exploring more and expanding both mine and my children's learning. I know I can count on SchoolhouseTeachers to have wholesome Christian based lessons which save me time, resources, and money.

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There are currently two membership options:

  • Ultimate Membership – PreK – 12th Grade – Access to Every Course
  • Standard Membership – PreK – 8th Grade – Access to Hundreds of Courses.
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