Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dawson Park in Portland, Oregon

As I was going to an appointment for my 4 year old daughter at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, Oregon we passed a park that had this beautiful gazebo. I immediately fell in love with it. The park is called Dawson Park and it is at N Stanton St & Williams Ave if you ever have the chance of going. The gazebo that was built in 1978 was made from a 120 year-old cupola salvaged from the Hill Block Building that was torn down. Renovated in 2008 it is absolutely my favorite thing about the park! Here is a picture of it that I found online. I will have to go back and actually get some pictures of my own to share with all of you as well. If anyone has pictures of this gazebo please share them with me. Thanks!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Clothing Styles

My fashion style has always been pretty casual. I love wearing jeans and a t-shirt because it is comfortable to me. But sometimes I want to dress up a bit. I like styles that are modest and tasteful better than those that are not and I feel more comfortable in them too.

Jewelry I love: chokers, brooches, chandelier earrings, bangle bracelets (I have always wanted to collect them), and memory wire wrap bracelets (I love to make these in my spare time). When I was young I loved friendship bracelets...still do actually. They are so colorful!

If I am not wearing jeans or capri pants usually I have on a long flowing skirt. I really dislike the skirts with slits that will always show your slip or ones that are too tight they don't let you walk in them. I love long skirts that go down to my ankles. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned. My favorites are the sarong (Indonesia)/pareo (Tahiti)/kikepa (Hawaii)/lavalava (Samoa)/sulu (Fiji)/beach wrap...long skirts, gauze/crinkle/broomstick/gypsy/peasant long skirts.

I also love shawls, scarves, dupatta (long scarf), and ponchos (esp. ones with fringe, metallic threads, eyelash yarn, etc.), capes, caplets (esp. hooded ones). I love outfits from India (kirtis, saris, choli, salwar (pants), kameez (shirt). I love smocked tops with empire waists.

Other things I love, but haven't tried out are bindis and henna/mehndi fake tattoo body art.

opalescent or iridescent or holographic or dichroic
tye dye
opals, blue goldstone, blue moonstone, blue/black pearls, shell, tanzanite, iolite, etc
embroidery - beaded
pashmina - finest wool
Angora wool - Angora bunny fur spun with wool fibers
velvet (crushed, patchwork, w/lace, beaded, embellished, tie dyed)