Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Butterflies, Bees, Easter Eggs & the Resurrection

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Butterflies, Bees, Easter Eggs & the Resurrection
By Jean Henrich

Did you know that butterflies, bees and eggs are symbols of the resurrection? Symbols have long been the unspoken means by which a common language is spoken. Regardless of where one lives, culture or background symbols communicate where words may not. Historically many people were unable to read or write. To address this problem, church leaders would frequently depict the stories of the Bible through performances such as the Passion Play as well as symbols.
The Christian faith is filled with symbols. Colors, animals and objects have symbolic meaning. Symbols and their associated meanings are wonderful ways to communicate the story of Christ. Regardless of age, race or culture Christian symbols can be a tool to share the “Good News” of Christ’s salvation.

Watching a caterpillar change into a butterfly can be an excellent teaching tool about the gift of Christ’s sacrifice. There are numerous butterfly kits available on the market. Whether you have very young or order children, all will enjoy watching a caterpillar grow, make a cocoon and eventually emerge as a butterfly. Why not give a child a gift certificate to a butterfly kit as part of their Easter Basket or to someone who is in great need after an illness, injury or loss.

The promise that a butterfly offers as a symbol of the resurrection is immense. Let this small creature bridge the language barrier and carry the message of hope and the promise of Easter. The following lists a few of the many Christian symbols that are often associated with Easter which you may wish to incorporate into your Easter celebration:
  • Cross & Crucifix - The crucifix and the cross are symbols of Christ’s sacrifice. The empty cross (without the figure of Christ) symbolizes Jesus' victory over death and the hope this victory brings to believers. 
  • Lily - The white Easter lily symbolizes purity.
  • Bees – Bees symbolize the resurrection of Christ.
  • Phoenix – The phoenix is a mythical creature dies in fire but rises again from its own ashes is a symbol used by early Christians to symbolize the resurrection of Christ.
  • Butterfly – A butterfly is a symbol of Christ's resurrection after three days in the grave.
  • Eggs – Eggs symbolize the renewal of life.
  • Lamb – A lamb symbolizes Jesus and relates His death to that of the lamb sacrificed on the first Passover. Christians frequently refer to Jesus as, "the Lamb of God.