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JazzEdge Easy Piano Basics Review

My family had the privilege of trying JazzEdge Easy Piano Basics for this review to use in conjunction with my own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

JazzEdge was founded by by Berklee College of Music graduate, Willie Myette. This educational music program now provides lessons in piano and drums, with styles in jazz, funk, Latin, rock, gospel and blues. It also now caters to homeschoolers as well. These music lessons are great for families who have not had the time or chance to get lessons outside the home. They are perfect to use for busy schedules because you can do these lessons at any time from anywhere. All you need is internet access for the helpful videos (view them on any smartphone, tablet, or computer) and preferably a way to print out the sheet music that is provided.

Easy Piano Basics is the music program I got to try out with my family. It is a collection of 32 lessons that are broken down into small (about 2-10 minutes each) workable streamed videos that teach the fundamentals of piano/keyboard. It is essential to go through these lessons in order and not to skip any of them, even if you think you know the information being taught, so that you stay on course. Each lesson builds upon the next. Willie recommends mastering each concept before you go onto the next and not to rush through the whole course too quickly. You will have an ample amount of time to use this program. The purchase of this program is a one time payment, not a subscription or auto-renewal, so once purchased you get an unlimited access to all the material at once so you can work at your own pace freely. Ideally it is best to practice with this 5-15 minutes per day, 4-6 days a week. You can also use it for more than one child or adult over the years. It is great for any beginner at any age (preferably 7 or older) with access to a piano or keyboard. It is great for homeschoolers or adults that either never learned piano or have taken it in the past and need a refresher.

I have had a fair bit of music instruction in my past. I played the violin since 6th grade and I tried to learn how to read the music, but I failed at that miserably. At least I was good at playing music by ear. My mother sang at home and church, so as a child I was in various choirs. I also had a little piano taught to me when I was a child. I actually won some lessons for keyboard and that was fun, but I had to go in to the piano store at a certain time and day to practice with an actual instructor and sit down with them to learn out of a book. It was OK, but I really didn't retain the information that I was taught. I also tried taking a beginner class for piano in college, but it didn't seem like it was for beginners to me.

Jaedan learning Easy Piano Basics

As a family with 4 kids I have found it very difficult to add music to our homeschooling even though I deem it very important. Ever since my boys were small (now they are teenagers) I have always wanted to get them music lessons. We have tried numerous times to have them learn piano or keyboard with little success either because of the way the lessons were presented, how they were taught, or our time constraints as a family. Easy Piano Basics is much easier to learn with. Even my 7 year old daughter can learn simply right at home. We love this program! We watched a lesson/chapter and focused on it until we mastered the concept completely, like Willie told us to do. Some lessons took longer because of this.

What the videos look like.

The lessons are easy to access and I can vouch that you do not have to have fast internet to watch the videos. The sheet music (46 pages) is easy to follow and comes in PDF format for easy download and printing. Navigation is very straightforward. Once you log in you can see all of the lessons right in front of you in the dashboard and you can go back to this easily with the link at the top. For each lesson the screen shows the number and name of the lesson at the top, the video of the lesson below that, a practice routine below the video, and lesson details (level, video time, and a summary of what you will be learning) on the right with buttons below that to download the video, see previous lesson, and go onto the next lesson.

Jaedan accessing the dashboard of lessons.

Since we have started we have all learned a lot and I have realized that there were a lot of holes in my instruction I had when I was younger. The Easy Piano Basics fills the holes and teaches the basics thoroughly in a well rounded way. I love that you can learn to play piano from the ground up. I like that I can teach myself piano too. These online piano lessons are wonderful and we are very thankful we got to review it. Practice does make perfect!

Purchase an unlimited access to JazzEdge Easy Piano Basics for a one time fee of only $59.95 (normally $69.95). PianoWithWillie is a more advanced program that you can use after you teach yourself or your student piano with Easy Piano Basics. Also there is a 30-day, no hassle guarantee. So, if after 30 days you feel Easy Piano Basics is not right for you, simply contact them for a full refund. Although, I personally think you will not be using this because you will love the lessons too much.

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JazzEdge Review

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Hillsong United Empires Album Review and Giveaway

When my day is going bad good music always makes me happy. I love music and if I can praise God while I listen or sing along, all the better. My favorite music uplifts and inspires. My heart and soul gets plugged into the lyrics and/or instrumentals and I feel so much better about everything around me. The stress and everyday chaos of life just melts away.

Empires is the forth studio album of Christian contemporary music composed of Christmas songs led by Hillsong Church. Hillsong Church is a Pentecostal mega church affiliated with Australian Christian Churches (the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God) and located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Hillsong was started in 1998 & was renamed to Hillsong United in 2002. They have 20 albums and several top Christian songs. They are committed to writing songs that speak truth and connect people everywhere with God.

I love Christian worship music by the group Hillsong United very much. If you haven't heard them and you love Christian music of praise and worship you should definitely check them out! Hillsong is a great band with four wonderful vocalists. Their vocalist, Taya Smith, is my favorite because of her beautiful voice. I recently got to listen to a call with her that happened with FlyBy. She is so much fun and I absolutely love her Aussie accent :)

Current Members (via Wikipedia):
  • Joel Houston — worship leader, guitar, keys, percussion
  • Jonathon "JD" Douglass — worship leader, percussion
  • Jad Gillies — worship leader, guitar
  • Matty Crocker — worship leader, guitar, percussion
  • Taya Smith — worship leader
  • Michael Guy Chislett — guitar, keys, music director
  • Dylan Thomas — rhythm guitar, keys, music director
  • Timon Klein — lead guitar
  • Benjamin "Tenni" Tennikoff — keyboards, programming, sampling
  • Adam Crosariol — bass guitar
  • Simon Kobler — drums

Track Listing:
  1. Here Now (Madness)
  2. Say the Word
  3. Heart Like Heaven
  4. Touch the Sky
  5. Street Called Mercy
  6. When I Lost My Heart To You (Hallelujah)
  7. Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)
  8. Prince Of Peace
  9. Empires
  10. Rule
  11. Captain
  12. Closer Than You Know

Empires was released May 26th , 2015. It is a very real and honest album. It embodies the heart and soul and uplifts the spirit. I absolutely love the lyrics and instrumentals. At some points though, the vocals get washed over by the the instruments and are lost. I wish the vocals were all crisp and clear so you can listen and hear the words to every song. Even though this is the case to some of the songs, the album comes with a pamphlet with the lyrics and after you have read them while the song is playing more than once you get to know what is being said and you can sing along better. My favorite song on the album is Touch the Sky. Hillsong United's songs are the perfect for praising God and worshiping Him.

Be Social:
Official Website:
Twitter: @HillsongUnited
Instagram: @HillsongUnited
Check them out on tour this summer:
Video of their performance on the TODAY show last month:

Prize: Win a copy of the Hillsong United Empires Album (US and Canada Only)

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Michael W. Smith Sovereign Sky Spills Over Music Video Single Sneak Peek

Here is an exclusive sneak peek of the Music Video of Sky Spills Over, a single on Michael W. Smith's Sovereign...

Here’s a quote from MWS on the video:
"I’m really passionate about the song SKY SPILLS OVER. It was fun creating it in the studio and I’ve been overwhelmed at the response it gets when we perform it live every night. My son Ryan is a really talented filmmaker so I always enjoy working with him on a project. But what made this project even more special was that 3 of my own grandkids were in the video. This video was a lot of fun to make. I hope people enjoy it!"

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Wordless Wednesday Llama Shearing Before and After

Look at all that gorgeous llama fur! Being sheared is a new experience for them, but this will keep them cool in the summer.

Murdock being sheared. I think he hated the halter more than being sheared, but it was still stressful for him.

Amy being sheared. She did not like this one bit and kept trying to lay down while it was happening.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Aquasana Glass Filter Water Bottle on Kickstarter

 Have you heard about Aquasana on Kickstarter?

Austin, Texas-based Aquasana, leaders in water filtration, announce the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a revolutionary water filtration bottle.  Offering on-the-go hydration with the best bottle filter on the market, this bottle will change the way people stay healthy and hydrated.

The Aquasana Filter Bottle pairs smart design with high performance filtration never before available in a bottle. The Aquasana Filter Bottle outperforms the competition delivering professional grade water filtration right at your fingertips.  It reduced lead and chlorine, plus over 99% of bacteria, virus, and cysts from drinking water.
Designed to be the longest lasting on the market, the filter inside the bottle will last for 80 gallons. It’s also eco-friendly: just one Aquasana filter bottle will keep 640 disposable plastic bottles out of our landfills.  The Aquasana Filter Bottle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and is available in shatter-resistant borosilicate glass or BPA-Free Tritan™ plastic.  It also comes with a premium silicone sleeve to provide protection against breakage and a nonslip grip.

The Kickstarter launched May 1, 2015, with a goal of raising $25,000.

Funds raised will contribute to the development, production and marketing of the Aquasana Filter Bottle. The product is scheduled to be shipped in August 2015.

Based in Austin, Texas, Aquasana is leading the charge to make high performance water filtration available in every home.  Your body is made up of 70% water. Aquasana wants that 70% to be the best water possible. From whole home filtration to drinking water systems and shower filters, Aquasana has your back, and every other part of you covered.

Aquasana’s leading products remove over 60 harmful contaminants from water including chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, lead, and mercury. Aquasana water filters are engineered to preserve the healthy minerals in water, which include calcium, magnesium and potassium, resulting in healthy, great-tasting water.  For more information visit

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I found out about this Kickstarter Campaign through an email from PR. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any compensation for doing this post; however, they have told me that samples of the Aquasana might be available to me for review at a later date.

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Win a DCKids and WBKids Mystery Toy Gift Basket!

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Wordless Wednesday Sunday Dress and Horses

My kids and I dressed for church. It has happened, my teenage boys have both surpassed me in height, LOL!

The horses were curious at what we were doing.

Horse lovers in training :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Flight and Metamorphosis DVD Review

My family and I had the privilege of watching the Flight AND Metamorphosis DVDs for this review to use in conjunction with my own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family. is a Christian based company that develops family-friendly movies. They have children's Christian movies, apologetics, educational, Christian history, biblical movies, dramas, romance, action and other feature films. They focus on bringing these wonderful wholesome films to their viewers.

My family are all fans of documentaries that teach about science and nature. Both Flight and Metamorphosis are two separate DVDs that are from The Design of Life series by Illustra Media.  This documentary series explores creation and helps make a scientific case for Intelligent Design. This is a step in a different direction than that of the usual Darwinian evolutionary science documentaries than we have seen in the past, making my job a little easier to try to explain the differences of opinion to my kids as my family doesn't subscribe to the belief that humans came from monkeys. These films are both around an hour long. They each have a narrator and speakers in different scientific fields of expertise that talk throughout the films about each subject. The footage taken for each documentary is amazing. They also take some of the footage and show you a perspective that cannot be seen with the naked eye through animation, microscope, and imaging software. The background music for each was very nice as well.

The Flight DVD is all about the wonders of bird's flight. It is the first volume in this series. It starts out with the egg and the developing embryo of a bird inside. We watch while it develops inside the egg, first just a few cells, then more until it starts to actually look like a bird. This is a complex and remarkable process in of itself. The bird finally hatches and the process of gearing up for first flight emerges. Flight for a bird is way more elaborate than one just sees from the outer surface. We get to see the inner workings of the birds with their skeletal, feather, and muscular structure and how very important these are for flight. I didn't know how intricate feathers really are until watching this film. After learning about how and why flight for birds works the film goes into three specific types of birds: the hummingbird, starling, and arctic tern. It talks about each of these birds and their unique characteristics: the hummingbird's unique flying skills, the starling's amazing acrobatic flight in groups, and the arctic tern's migration from pole to pole. As Flight closes it confirms Intelligent Design as being the only logical way that flight for birds happened.

The Metamorphosis DVD is all about the beauty and design of butterflies. It is the second volume in this series. In the film it shows the anatomy of a butterfly, how and where they lay their eggs, the emergence of a caterpillar, what caterpillars do most of their lives, the making of the chrysalis, the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly, and Monarch migration. Both the complete transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly and the Monarch migration are very amazing things to behold! The fact that the caterpillar is made into a totally different insect is unfathomable especially if you try to factor natural selection in as a just can't, there is no way. There are way too many factors that happen perfectly every time for it to be something other than Intelligent Design. Butterflies cannot be formed by mere chance!

My family watched both of these DVDs together. We liked the spectacular footage and great musical scores used in both movies. These can be compared to something from National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. I love this type of high quality, family-friendly films and I cannot wait to see more of what produces. We did notice that there was no mention of God in this film other than the words Intelligent agent/designer, but regardless of this these films have further cemented our belief in Intelligent Design. These are great for Christian based homeschooling. God's creations are so intricate and incredible!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Homeschool Legacy Forest for the Trees Once-a-Week Unit Study Review

My children and I had the privilege of testing out Homeschool Legacy Forest for the Trees free for this review to use in conjunction with my own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

Forest for the Trees is a once a week unit study by Homeschool Legacy. This is a 4 week study that is geared towards second through twelfth graders. It has an option to use this to help your child earn a badge in Boy Scouts or American Heritage Girls or a project record in 4H, if your child is involved with any of those. I was given the option to get this in digital or physical format. I chose the physical format.

Fig Tree that we recently replanted.

Unit studies provide us with an in depth view of a certain focused theme and has us do many different subjects surrounding it. For example; with this Forest for the Trees unit study we were doing science projects, math, history, reading, etc. As a homeschooling family we love unit studies!  It gets us away from some of the more mundane work we sometimes have to do in our schooling at home and gives us a chance to dive into some hands on studies. A lot of time unit studies also let us get out in the field to learn.

Measuring trees and tree stumps & counting rings.

Now that the weather is getting nicer my family can partake of all of God's glorious creations even more. We love nature unit studies because it means going outside, exploring, discovering, learning, and breathing in the fresh outdoor air. We try to do nature studies a lot because they are a great break from being cooped up indoors, bookwork and online work. Trees are certainly a very important part of God's creations and with Forest for the Trees Once-a-Week Unit Study we got to learn a lot more about them. Forest for the Trees definitely gave us the motivation to get outside and learn about the surrounding local trees that we have here in Oregon, Washington, and right in our own backyard!

Forest for the Trees art project: tree bark rubbings.

Forest for the Trees is a fun, creative, hands-on study about trees. It has a total of 4 weeks of study: Week 1 is Tree Identification, Week 2 is Tree Anatomy, Week 3 is What Trees Give Us, and Week 4 is Forests and Forestry. In every section this unit study has a list of reading and video choices along with some required reading that helped with the unit. These are listed by their Dewey Decimal number as well so the can be easily found in the library. Daily activities include independent reading and family read-aloud from required books. Forest for the Trees also has once-a-week activities that include: family devotionals, science experiments, outdoor nature studies, reading assignments, art, field trips, history, life skills, language, vocabulary, research assignments, math, physical, etc. I liked that the unit studies from Homeschool Legacy are Christian based and have scripture devotionals in them too. At the end of each weekly lesson there is a section called Stump Your Dad Trivia with a interesting question and answer fact.

My boys and firewood from local trees they stacked into a fort.

This particular study of the trees had us save and document what we found in a notebook, a tree nature journal of sorts. We were told to gather specimens and/or sketch or photograph different parts of multiple trees around us. With the tree identification guide books they listed for us to use we could identify the particular tree we were looking at by the characteristics of the specimens and information we gathered. All the art, history, math, research, language, vocabulary and science experiment findings were also put in the notebook. We had fun adding to it little by little and piecing it all together.

Teela helping with the Transpiration science experiment to show that tree leaves breathe.

We did a lot of fun stuff while we learned about trees. My kids loved the science experiments the best! The science experiments were all very easy to set up and do. We learned about deciduous, coniferous, botany, dendrology, osmosis, transpiration, condensation, photosynthesis, chlorophyll, symbiosis, germination, etc. For art we drew a tree and parts of trees, did tree bark rubbings, and took photographs to document trees and yummy apple recipes we made. We also measured the girth of trees and learned about counting tree rings to see how old they are. We climbed trees too. In the first week we learned all about tree identification and used the field guide quite a lot to try and identify trees in our area taking a lot of samples and specimens home to add to our notebook. The second week we learned all about parts of the tree and did a lot of art and science experiments. In the third week we learned about the many things trees give us like food, paper, rubber, and wood. In the last week we learned about deforestation in the forests and the Giant Sequoia Redwoods.

We are in love with the Homeschool Legacy's Once-a-Week Unit Studies now that we have tried Forest for the Trees out for ourselves. We learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it. We hope to be able to try more of them out in the future for our homeschooling with unit studies.

Forest for the Trees is available for $14 using the Grab-and-Go (PDF) option or $18.95 for the paperback copy.

Unit Studies by Homeschool Legacy

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Model T

We see this Model T strolling up and down Rainier Oregon occasionally. My husband and I got a picture with it at the local park.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WordsBright S is for Smiling Sunrise Book Review

My daughters Zari and Teela had the privilege of testing out WordsBright S is for Smiling Sunrise hardback book with audio CD, with MP3 available via download and Teacher's Guide to help me use this with my little ones. I received this free for this review to use in conjunction with my own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

WordsBright S is for Smiling Sunrise is a colorful hardback picture book that teaches the alphabet with rhyme, fun illustrations, and vocabulary words. This book isn't the typical "A is for Apple", "B is for Ball" ABC-book. It takes the learning one step further with a fair amount of complex and more interesting words to improve the English language and comprehension of the student while expanding their vocabulary. S is for Smiling Sunrise is perfect for a toddler, preschooler, kindergartner, and/or early reader. The bright eye-catching pictures and rhyme help hold the attention of the smaller children.

Teela and Zari enjoying the S is for Smiling Sunrise book together.

The S is for Smiling Sunrise book comes with an audio CD that takes the words in the book and makes them into sing-along rhymes to help follow along in the book and make it even more fun with song. Along with the book, this music CD is great to take on-the-go in the car, to Grandma's house, or left with a sitter. I wish; however, that the CD was actually a DVD...with the whole concept and song animated like they do with the first part of the preview on YouTube...

There are also parent and teacher guides that go above and beyond the book and CD to help you teach the child values and virtues that are very crucial in life. These values and virtues are interwoven within the book's pages to amplify essential moral and ethical principals. I love that they incorporate these important concepts in S is for Smiling Sunrise. In the guide it starts off with some general pre- or post-reading questions. Then for each letter of the alphabet it goes through and explains the concepts manifested in the book and CD in greater detail. It also poses questions to ask your child or student so it will become a more interactive thought process. Then it lays down the vocabulary words used and further activities you can do to enhance the learning experience.

My daughters love this book and CD. Teela, who is in first grade, enjoyed reading this to Zari, who is in preschool. My girls also liked singing along with the music CD. The new associations for the alphabet makes this book even more engaging. It isn't the boring repetitious ABC associations that we are used to. For example, B is for Breathe instead of for Ball and P is for Park and Playground instead of Pig, Parrot, or Pizza. This is a very refreshing change from the norm. The words virtue, patience, gratitude, wonder, etc. are also sprinkled throughout the text. These words encourage positive thoughts and behaviors to be learned for character development. S is for Smiling Sunrise is a great book and CD to teach growing minds beyond what is considered conventional learning. It is wonderful for parenting, preschool, and homeschool.  

To get a sneak peek you can look inside S is for Smiling Sunrise on the WordsBright website. You can also download the parent/teacher guides, a words poster, and a mp3 alphabet song for free.

S is for Smiling Sunrise hardcover book is around $14 to $17 depending upon where you purchase it. The WordsBright website has a list of places to buy the book.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

My Mother's Day and Birthday Gifts

This year my Birthday and Mother's Day fell on the same day, May 10th. My Mother's Day gifts consisted of blueberry pancakes and french toast made by my oldest son in the morning, a beautiful handmade card and newly planted Marigold from Teela, and 6 garden beds full of new soil, herbs, tomatoes, vegetables, and strawberry plants from my husband. We had to majorly upscale the garden this year because we found last year that two beds don't really feed a family of 6 very well. We are also planning on putting in 6 more if we get around to it. The orchard we planted last year is in the background along with some chopped wood we are going to sell. Isn't it pretty!

We have raised bed gardens! Yay!

The card Teela handmade was absolutely adorable. The front had a heart glued on and on the inside she drew a forest scene with trees, nests of baby birds, mama and daddy birds, bees buzzing around a hive, butterflies, a sun, ladybug, bunnies, a deer, squirrel, and flowers. On the back she drew a heart filled with smaller hearts and three people holding it at the bottom, one person swinging off of it, and another climbing a ladder that goes to the top where you can apparently slide down a rainbow on the other side. Very clever :)

My Marigold plant and Mother's Day & Birthday Card from Teela.

My husband also took me to Burgerville in Kelso Washington so that I could participate in their annual free Mother's Day Strawberry Treat. They had a sundae and a shortcake you could pick from. I got the sundae this year. Yummy!

My Free Mother's Day Burgerville Strawberry Sundae. Yummy!

After I got my sundae and brought it home we ate my favorite Extreme Veggie artichoke pizza from our local Hometown Pizza and sang some My Little Karaoke with my family. I am really thankful for my family and grateful for everything they do for me.

How was your Mother's Day??

Wednesday, May 6, 2015