Friday, November 20, 2015

Shopswell: Earn Money While You Shop This Holiday Season!

My second check through Shopswell.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up soon and then Christmas! Shopswell is a place online to discover and share the best products and gifts curated by people like you. Shopswell saves you time and money too! Not only do you save, but you can earn money while you shop with their $10K Giveaway Shop.Share.Win Program!

Some of the awesome features that Shopswell has to offer.

I discovered Shopswell in June. At first it was just a fun hobby. I would make lists of things I liked or things that I wanted to gift others and much like Pinterest I could follow other lists and members as well. Unlike Pinterest you don't have to sift through products that aren't for sale and on Shopswell you can track a price point for a product on your list and be emailed as soon as it gets to that price. I love this because I can just sit back and relax after setting up the tracking and Shopswell does all the work for me. I just bought an extendable 13 foot, fiberglass handled fruit picker for my orchard for less than half the price it was to start with through by tracking it on Shopswell. Shopswell alerted me by email when the product I wanted dropped to the price I wanted to pay and I didn't have to keep watching the product on my own. Such a great time saver and I saved money!

Shopswell also turned out to be a great way to make money on the side. In August Shopswell started their $10K Giveaway Shop.Share.Win Program. This program lets you get rewarded for creating lists and sharing lists or products on Shopswell. For August I earned $691.25 and in September I earned $485!

How the $10K Giveaway Shop.Share.Win Program Works:

Be rewarded for helping out the Shopswell community! There are two ways to help out and earn credits for money on Shopswell:

1. Curate & Create 
First, you can earn credit by creating helpful content:
  • Create lists: You will earn credits for creating fun, interesting, useful, and helpful lists. A list that gets comments or follows will get many more credits. First pick a great theme and give it a catchy title. Then pick a cover image for your list. Lastly add at least 10 items to the list with the search box. You can also paste a direct link to the product in the search box from a web retailer.
  • Leave helpful comments, videos, and reviews on lists and products: These will earn you credits too, especially if others "like" them too.
  • Update Your Profile: Make sure your interests are filled out and you add a cover image.
  • Curate others’ comments, reviews and videos: Earn credits upvoting other members' comments, videos, and reviews too.
2. Share
Anytime you share Shopswell with someone, you will earn credits. Make sure you’re logged in to earn credits by:
  • Share cool lists, products, deals and price-drops
  • Invite people into the Shopswell community
  • Use your custom link to share any page
  • Embed lists on your blog or website
Creating & Curating and Sharing are separate activities and they are rewarded separately.

The Shop.Share.Win. leaderboard will update daily. You will earn rewards relative to your position on the leaderboard. Rewards will be ‘booked’ weekly (Monday morning to Sunday midnight) and processed monthly. You can choose to receive your reward by check, Amazon Gift Card, or charitable contribution.

You must be 18yrs or older and a US resident to be eligible for rewards. No purchase necessary to win.
Join me on Shopswell, help others, create value, and shop smarter! Hurry and join before Cyber Monday so you can save on products you want and need...and maybe you can earn some extra spending cash too for the holidays! It is completely free to join.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I am sharing this information about this wonderful website all on my own. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any compensation for doing this post. Affiliate links may be in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog.


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Thanks for the info! needs for my shopping esp this Christmas! can't wait :)

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Wow Crystal, this is beautiful! Thanks so much for the amazing work!!!


PS - great shot.