Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party

From the day we learned about Fancy Nancy we have been fans. Especially my youngest, Teela, who loves to dress up and have tea parties with her little friends and her dollies. Teela is two now. She loves the Fancy Nancy series of books. My boys would blush if I told you, but they love to read them to Teela.

Anyway, I am here to tell you some tips on how to have a wonderful Fancy Nancy Tea Party.

1. Dress up is a must! Have a box of fancy clothes such as tutus, boas, crowns, tiaras, wands, etc. that the girls can dress up with. Candy necklaces and bracelets are great party favors and so fashionable!
2. Make name place cards that rhyme. Like: Dandy Mandy or Tutu Sue. Although, Teela's name would be a tricky one. (Let me know if you can think of one for her.) You could decorate them with glitter, small beads, lace, ribbon, or other notions.
3. Make a creative cake or cookies. It could be in the shape of a castle, crown, or Fancy Nancy herself :)
4. Decorate the place to be fit for a queen...or princess :) Use all kinds of boas and streamers, balloons, etc. to make the party posh!
5. Have the guests decorate their own cookies. Icing, sprinkles, etc. will make the cookies sparkle.
6. Have a tea party...with juice and the cookies they have decorated.
7. Paint nails. Piggy Paint is great!
8. HarperCollins Fancy Nancy printables and party recipes on their website you can use. Their fun and games also has some printables that are great.
9. Read the books and make up role playing to go along with it.
10. Make your own fancy hats or crowns. There are a lot of neat ideas out there.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms blogging program to be eligible to get a Fancy Nancy prize pack. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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Lindsey said...

This makes me want to have a Fancy Nancy party! :)