Thursday, May 6, 2010

P&G's Thank You Mom Reunions Contest

My mother doesn't live that far away so I get to see her more often than a lot of people do their mothers. Above is a picture of her with my daughter, Teela, when my daughter was a newborn. My mom is wonderful and I am so very grateful she is around to help when things get stressful or just when I need her. I am comforted by her not just on the phone long distance, but since she only lives 3 hours from me she can visit. When my daughter, Teela, had her birthday party on the 9th of April she was there and when my daughter, Tatiana, passed away she was also there. I am glad we don't live too far away from each other. A while back I wrote about my mother and how she was there for my family and I...especially for my daughter Tatiana (I didn't mention there, but my dad had been just as helpful with her.). They both miss her just as much as we do because they got to know her quite a bit. I am very thankful to both my parents for all their help and support!!

Mother's Day is almost here and in celebration Proctor & Gamble is kicking off the "Thank You Mom Reunions" contest to reunite Moms and their children for milestone family moments they otherwise might have missed.

Thank You Mom Reunion Contest Details

"Thank You Mom Reunions" will bring together 105 moms with their children, who are unable to do so on their own. Consumers are invited to log onto Thank You Mom and enter to win a travel voucher to help cover the cost of a special reunion with their mom or mom figure in their life.

How to Win a 'Thank You Mom' Reunion

* Entrants must submit a 100 word essay describing why they’d like to be united with their mom.
* Consumers vote for their favorite entries.
* 15 winners will be chosen every month through November.
* Enter to win a travel voucher to help cover the cost of a special reunion with their mom or mom figure in their life.
* Winners will also receive a portable digital video camera to capture their reunion and are encouraged to share the video on

Specific contest rules and regulations can be found online at

P&G's "Thank You Mom" campaign is aimed to touch and improve the lives of families across the country in small, but meaningful ways & help celebrate the role moms play in our families.

DISCLAIMER: Thanks to One2One Network that provided me with this information to share with my readers. I did not receive any compensation for sharing this information, but by posting about this campaign and reporting the link to One2One Network by May 31st, I will be entered to win one of ten gift cards (1x $100, 2x$75, 3x$50, 4x$25). I also thought that it was for a very good cause and wanted to share.

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