Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tips For Getting Kids Ready For Back To School

My kids are homeschooled so they really don't need to get out the door and on a bus, but we do spend a lot of time getting ready for the school year so they can be prepared for learning. These are some great tips that I have done in the past and are doing now to gear up for the upcoming "back to school" fun :)

Before the school year starts I like to make an inventory and list of what school supplies and other things we need and then find those items on sale or at a discount somewhere. I create a curriculum and schedule for the year so my kids know what to expect. We have preparation "drills" the week before we start so that we know the routine and know how to handle something unexpected.

When it is school time we like to already have the routine down. Getting a good amount of sleep each night before the school day is essential. A healthy breakfast each morning is a must! I also advise my kids to lay out their clothing the night before so we can get a head start on the days activities and learning. I also feel it important to have them keep their desks, supplies and shelves organized so that they can find things when they are needed.

Since we homeschool we do various field trips throughout the year to different places and so when we are on these field trips we need to be prepared for the weather Mother Nature will throw at us especially if the trip is an outdoor one. Having a backpack for each child on such an occasion is a great idea so they can have their individual items with them when they need them. Have the child help pack the items needed the night before so there is no rushing when it is time to leave. On hot or sunny days we pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, water bottles, bug repellent, snacks, the proper clothing and shoes, and sometimes a lunch in a cooler. On cold days we pack coats or jackets and other proper clothing and shoes or boots. On wet days we also take rain gear.

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