Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sprout, Bubalina and Tot Yoga Giveaway Winners

The winner of the Sprout Safety First DVD is #10 GabbyLowe! She said her son loves Bob the Builder.

The winner of the Bubalina Shower Gel is #45 Ella! She said she is a sucker for anything blueberry scented! She would have to go with Blueberries (though Orange Vanilla definitely sounds lovely).

The winner of the TOT YOGA DVD is #10 GabbyLowe! (Wow 10 must be her lucky number!!) She said she learned that this video contains no professional actors.

Congrats again to all the winners! I will contact each winner by email. If you did not have your email posted please post it here so I can email you! Thanks to all those who participated and don't forget to enter in my contests/giveaways that are going on now! I will also be adding more posts and giveaways soon so stay tuned!

*All winners are chosen by my True Random Number Generator.

1 comment:

Ella said...

Woo! Thanks for the giveaway! Made my day! :)