Monday, August 2, 2010

Greeting and Awards Cards Free For Teachers From Tiny Prints

I went to public school as a child and I remember a fantastic teacher that stood out above the rest in elementary school. It is hard to believe that I remember that far back so vividly, but I remember my Kindergarten teacher. Her name was Mrs. Devito and she was great! I remember learning a lot in her class. In the classroom she had a loft where we had reading on the top and could play house underneath. We learned through her and a make believe astronaut named Astro how to count up to 100, our ABC's, etc. Astro would have a grab bag once we mastered a new skill to pick something special out of. I wrote to Mrs. Devito later on while I was in Jr. high and thanked her for being a great and memorable teacher. She actually wrote me back saying that she enjoyed my letter and that the loft probably was a lot smaller than I remember :)

Tiny Prints, recognized for their online premium stationery, starts off the school year with an exclusive new collection of greeting cards designed just for teachers.

To honor teachers everywhere who are preparing for their school year, Tiny Prints has designed 6 different greeting cards. Teachers can send each student a personalized welcome greeting card, connect with their student's parents with a thank you card and celebrate their students with award cards. Tiny Prints is offering these personalized greeting cards for free starting Monday, August 2nd through October 31, 2010. Teachers will just need to apply the code: Apple2010 at checkout. Go HERE.

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