Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rubbermaid Clean Little Secrets House Party and Reveal Spray Mop Review

I have tried a lot of different kinds of mops in my life and I have to say one of my absolute favorites is my new mop from Rubbermaid!

Mops I Dislike and Why
My mother used to have a sponge mop when I was growing up. Even though it had a mechanism that squeezed out the excess water that thing screamed "growies"! It was disgusting and smelled gross! I made a promise to myself that I was never going to buy that kind of mop for my home.

I used to have a Swiffer WetJet that I got with the Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit. I was very excited to get it, but thoroughly disappointed when I finally got to try it out. It consumed: pads that you couldn't re-use, bottles of pre-made cleaning solution that you also had to dispose of after the solution was gone and batteries to even get the spray to come out the front of it! It was certainly a big expense keeping it around and using it because of all the things that you had to repurchase for it and it made a ton of waste! I eventually just gave the thing to my local Goodwill because I didn't want to have to deal with it anymore.

My New Reveal Spray Mop From Rubbermaid
I recently received the new Reveal Spray Mop from Rubbermaid because I signed up and was accepted to host a "Rubbermaid Clean Little Secrets" House Party! Each microfiber pad is reusable and can be washed up to 100 times! I can fill the refillable bottles with my own recipe of cleaning solution and there are no batteries required because it works with gravity and a convenient hand operated spray trigger to get the cleaning solution to the spray nozzle on the front. This mop did an awesome job of cleaning my kitchen and bathroom floors! The spray nozzle is a bit high on it, so when I spray the solution out I tip the handle forward a bit and that seems to help. It can clean wood, laminate, tile and vinyl floors! I am glad it is so versatile because when we do our kitchen remodel the floor will be wood not vinyl and we have vinyl in one bathroom and tile in the I am glad to not have to purchase multiple mops/cleaners to clean my floors. The microfiber pads are great too because they clean the floors so much better than paper ones! We had a great party and love our new mop! I think the guests were impressed too and now want one of their own.

Here is what I received in the FREE party pack:

For the host (that's me!):
• (1) Reveal™ Spray Mop (includes microfiber pad and refillable bottle)
• (2) Extra Reveal microfiber pads
• (1) Extra Reveal refillable bottle
• (2) Rubbermaid microfiber cleaning cloths
• (1) Pair of cleaning gloves
• (1) Demonstration DVD of Reveal cleaning secrets

For the party and guests:
• eMusic cards
• Goody® hair ties
• Recipe cards for solutions mixes
• Paper Mate® pens
• Coupons for $3 off any Reveal product (available at The Home Depot, Target, and select Walmart locations)

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: Thanks to House Party ™ for providing me with this opportunity to host a Rubbermaid Clean Little Secrets House Party™. I received the above samples and coupons free to hand out to hand out to guests and test and review myself. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review. House Party connects people through parties. You too can use the helpful tools to plan your party, create invites, join sponsored events, share pictures and video, and explore thousands of parties being held in homes around the country.


EllyBean said...

This mop looks and sounds awesome. I currently hate my mop and hope to get one of these soon. Do you have and spare coupons you could send my way?

Lindsey said...

Me too! I so want this mop! My Swiffer isn't doing the job right now.

Finamoon said...

Yes! I do in fact have coupons to spare. I however do not have any stamps currently. Could you send me a S.A.S.E.? I don't know when my next outing to the postal service will be. Thanks!