Wednesday, June 29, 2016 Lifetime Membership Review

My family had the privilege of trying the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from  for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

Notebooking is a fancy educational term for keeping a journal, but it is also a lot more than that. For centuries people have been keeping journals and diaries. These fascinating pieces of history are keepsakes of their generations. They are just as priceless as a scrapbook or photo album. They capture a part of a personal journey and give clues to the past, how these people lived, and what their lives were like. Notebooking captures and records all sorts of things about the person who writes the pages: learning experiences, new knowledge, reflections, insights, memories, personality, writing voice, creativity, talents, etc. Notebooking also can include many parts like: brainstorms, mindmaps, sketches, illustrations, creative writing, written narrations, copywork, timelines, reports, lists, observations, drawings, maps, and photographs. Much like these treasured notebooks, journals, or scrolls of the ages it is very important to keep a journal of your own and have your children do the same.

Free Notebooking Pages Sampler is is a online membership website that was put together by Debra L. Reed, a homeschooling mother of ten who wanted her kids to retain knowledge better and learn more than she did growing up. Debra has developed a number of notebooking e-books that you can access and use as a member, for your student on the website. The notebooking e-books come in printable PDF format and also can be purchased individually. Once purchased these can be downloaded and printed how ever you like, meaning you may want to print all or just pick and choose which pages to print. Once purchased these files are yours to use as often as you like. You may use these within your family and with any classes you personally teach. These are great for grades K-12. Their subjects for the notebooking e-books have a variety of topics including: Art Study, Copywork, Character Study, Famous Men & Women, Geography (state/country studies, continental maps), History of the Ancient World (Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, and Modern Times), Music Study, Nature Study, Science, Timelines, and more! Their library is ever expanding and if you have a lifetime membership you can partake of all that is offered plus all that will be offered in the future.

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

We received the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership which gives us access to every notebooking e-book that produces instantly when it is ready and access to all the material that was produced, downloadable from their paid membership area, plus any and all pages for as long as the website exists. This is great option that only costs $97 total.

Teela and Zari coloring pages from

I am so glad we received the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership for our homeschool. This summer we have been still learning, but we have been also relaxing. The kids have been a bit board, especially the younger ones. I have been giving them these homeschool notebook pages to do as a boredom buster. It has been wonderful to just sit them down and have them do a few pages here and there of their choice.

Teela doing a Black Walnut Nature Study.

We love the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership so far. We've printed pages from the Black Walnut (we have a lot of these trees in our yard to study) from the Trees of North America under science and nature, llama and goat (we have these animals on our farm) from the mammals under science and nature, Independence Day USA (because the 4th of July is so close) from the holiday under July, American Goldfinch, American Robin, and Bald Eagle from the North American Birds under science and nature, a Dandelion page from Wildflowers under science and nature, and a Sacajawea (we have Lake Sacajawea across the river from us, so I thought this to be fitting) coloring page from History Modern Times. finished pages.

There is some things about this site that I thought was nice and some that I didn't like. I wish there were more pictures under the products the website so you know what you are downloading out before you download it. The product search button is easy to find (it is a black button with white lettering in the left hand top corner under the words "Welcome to your LIFETIME Member Center" on every page). But it does redirect to the search bar page every time you would like to search. There are tutorials, tips, tools, and videos to help with the notebooking process which is very helpful. Membership Downloads Science page. Search

I see myself using a lot in our homeschooling. When we do start back up with our full homeschooling I expect to be using these pages a bunch to get rid of busywork, boredom, and burnout. I recommend this for all who homeschool and need a change of pace from book work.

Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership

You can purchase the Lifetime Membership for a one time payment of $97. Click the above image to sign up for the free product sampler. Also, right now for a limited time the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership comes with one year free access to The Notebooking Publisher™ Web-App which allows you to create your own notebook pages.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Veritas Press Subscription Review

My family had the privilege of trying a one-year family subscription from Veritas Press for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

Veritas Press is a publisher of classical Christian education products and curriculum. They also have two classical Christian schools and an online classical Christian academy. They teach chronologically the relationship between what is studied in “history books” and what Christians read in the Bible. Their first product, History and Bible Flashcards, was born from a desire to teach their own sons. Now Veritas Press has many other curriculum, tools, and services (online and off) for teaching classical Christian education in the home and school. Courses.

The is a one-year online Bible curriculum subscription for the family that has engaging lessons for kids with games, music, activities, videos, and more. So far it teaches courses in: Genesis to Joshua (Old Testament 1), Judges to Kings (Old Testament 2), and The Gospels (New Testament 1). They are also currently working on two other courses that will be coming soon: Chronicles to Malachi and Job & Acts to Revelation. You can add up to 5 children to have an account in the program so the individual child can move through the curriculum at their own pace. Each of the 3 courses offered have 128 lessons and 32 major biblical events that your student can learn from throughout the year.

Zari and Teela doing
How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

We received the one-year online subscription of I set up both my daughters Teela and Zari in the program to have their own accounts. We began with Genesis to Joshua and made it a daily routine to do at least a section a day.

Genesis to Joshua covers a lot of information:
  • Creation
  • The Fall in the Garden
  • Cain and Abel
  • Enoch and Methuselah
  • The Flood
  • God's Covenant with Noah
  • Tower of Babel
  • Call of Abram
  • God's Covenant with Abraham
  • Hagar and Ishmael
  • Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Birth and Sacrifice of Isaac
  • Isaac ad Rebekah
  • Jacob and Esau
  • Joseph as a Slave
  • Famine in Egypt
  • The Twelve Tribes of Israel
  • Moses' Birth
  • Plagues in Egypt
  • Balaam and his Donkey
  • Moses Dies: Joshua Assumes Command
  • Spies to Canaan
  • The Battle of Jericho
  • The Exodus
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Aaron and the Golden Calf
  • Moses Gets New Tablets
  • Israel Given the Promised Land
  • The Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant
  • Joshua's Last Words
  • The Levitical Priesthood Begins
  • The Wilderness Wanderings

Genesis to Joshua Hosts. is a thorough bible study that starts out in Genesis with a video introducing the bible with hosts Asher and his sister Abigail who are from the land of Canaan and are Israelites. They tell the story and narrate parts throughout the program and are later followed by a cat named Teb, and a pesky fly named Tizzy. There is video, music, online activities, quizzes, and a lot of review to get to know what you learn really well. Map.

At the end of each section in the Creation part of the program the student gets a flag put on the map trail. The student clicks through spots on the map until they have finished the whole map. At the end of the Creation map you move onto the next map which is The Fall in the Garden and so forth. The student also gets awarded ribbons under their avatar they chose. The student cannot skip or move ahead in the program without watching the videos, doing the work, and acing the quizzes and tests. ribbon awards.

We noticed that Zari needed a lot more help through the program because she doesn't read yet. There is a fair amount that does require reading. I didn't mind helping her with it though for a review of my own.

We also have a slow internet connection and had to load each video before watching them or they would be choppy and incomprehensible. The videos only could be watched on the High Definition (HD) setting, so there was not any way around this in our situation. Let us just say, patience is something my girls need to work on.

Some of activities.

Other than the video issue, both Teela and Zari had a lot of fun with the They both are learning a lot. I love that the material is reinforced by activities, interactive games and questions. This helps their learning process a lot more. This homeschool Bible curriculum also has different ways they present the same information for different learning styles, so no one way of learning is left out and the information is retained better by the student.

The song was our favorite part of the whole thing. It was catchy and informational. It is sung frequently throughout the program and helps the kids know the events in order. By the time I needed to write this review my girls were actually singing along with it.

We eventually finished Enoch and Methuselah and can't wait to do more. is very well done and I highly recommend it to homeschoolers and others that want a great classical Christian education Bible study in their home for their kids. I love it for my Christian homeschool!

You can start a FREE trial of on their website today (no credit card required).

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Make Ahead Kitchen Cookbook Review

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media has provided me with a complimentary copy of this cookbook free to facilitate this review. Affiliate links may be in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog.

 Annalise Thomas is from the big city and married to a man that is from a small town. As she learns to love small town life she enjoys sharing her foodie passions with others. Annalise is a wife and mom, a baker, a cook, and a blogger. She is also the author of The Make-ahead Kitchen.

The Make-ahead Kitchen: 75 Slow Cooker, Freezer, and Prepared Meals for the Busy Lifestyle by Annalise Thomas is a gorgeous picture-filled cookbook with simple recipes of delicious, healthy, and easy-to-prepare make-ahead dishes. No more kids asking what's for dinner and having to dig around the fridge, leftovers, or pantry for a last-minute meal. These family friendly foods, drinks, and desserts are just the ticket for less stress and no hassle.

The contents of this book are well laid out and easy to navigate. They start out with acknowledgements and general notes. The general notes are basically helpful tidbits of information about her recipes and way of cooking/using ingredients. In the notes she lets us know that their are symbols for those recipes that are gluten free (GF) and the ingredients that can be gluten free alternatives (GFA). The introduction is next with a little history of why the author wrote the book and a some background of the cookbook. The middle of the cookbook has recipes in 7 sections: Breakfast, Soups & Salads; Appetizers, Snacks & Sides; Main Dishes, Cookies & Bars, Desserts, and Drinks. The book ends with a wonderful index and about the author page.

The layout of each recipe is quite simple and each one has beautiful photograph of the completed meal, dessert, drink, etc. to accompany it. At the left side, each recipe includes the title, if it is GF or GFA or not, background of the recipe, and notes. On the right hand side it has the ingredients, directions, notes on what you can do ahead of time and freezing, and how many it serves.

All in all I believe this cookbook is a lovely addition to my cookbook library. It will be treasured in my kitchen. I am excited to make the recipes inside its pages for my family and friends.


DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received this book for free to facilitate this review from Cedar Fort Publishing & Media. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review. Affiliate links may be in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Precious Moments 35 Days of Loving, Caring, and Sharing: Summer Fun Energy Offer and Review

I received these figurines free to facilitate this review. Affiliate links may be in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog.

Precious Moments is having its 35th Anniversary and they are celebrating with “35 Days of Loving, Caring and Sharing” – an event celebrating their wonderful fans. Over the years, the fans have given so much through their love of all things Precious Moments. Now Precious Moments is delighted to give back to the fans! Beginning May 22 through June 25th, on their Facebook they will announce a new way to save on some of the fan favorite Precious Moments gifts and collectibles each day. Plus, opportunities to enter giveaways for your chance to win Precious Moments gifts and more! It’s going to be fun! The "35 Days of Loving, Caring and Sharing" event also all leads up to their unveiling of a very special figurine. So stay tuned! The theme of today, day 34, is Energy.

I received two figurines to celebrate this special anniversary and day: Decorative Birdbath Rotating Figurine, Music Box and “Girl With Tulip Flower” Perpetual Calendar Figurine. The Decorative Birdbath Rotating Figurine, Music Box has three adorable feathered friends perched on a birdbath. When you wind this up it plays “In The Garden” while the top turns around and around. This is a great gift for a garden lover or bird enthusiast. I love this beautiful music player! It plays lovely music. The “Girl With Tulip Flower” Perpetual Calendar Figurine is perfect to decorate my desk as it lets me know exactly what month and day it is. With the words, “Every Day Is A Blessing” it reminds us of this everyday as we change the date. This sweet figurine has a girl dressed like her favorite tulip flower with a small ladybug meandering nearby. These match my other garden themed Precious Moments figurines perfectly. I love them and know you will too! They all have sweet messages and will bring Summer Fun to anyone's home.

Day 34 of 35 deal: Save 15% on Summer Fun gifts with Coupon Code: FUNINTHESUN at PreciousMoments. *Offer is valid today only, June 24th, 2016 through 11:59 p.m. CDT.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: Thanks to Precious Moments for sending me these figurines for free to review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review. Affiliate links may be in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog.

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