Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Even though this baby will be my 5th child I have been thinking about having a baby shower. Who doesn't love getting gifts and having parties?? I want to throw a great party before the birth of my baby if I can pull it off. So, I have tried to do my homework on what exactly makes a great baby shower and I have come up with 10 tips. So, here they are:

1. Who, What, Where, When?: These simple questions should be answered before anything else happens in the planning process. Everything else will fall into place once the who, what, where, and when is decided. A great idea is to make a time line of what is going to happen in sequence at the party so you have a idea of the order of things.

2. Budget it out: You don't want to overspend on things. Make a budget of what you are willing to spend on everything and stick to it.

3. Pick a Theme: It is the theme of the party that makes the party special and all your own. This creates the layout and background for the decorations, food, games, party favors, cards, etc. Just don't overdo it!

4. Invitations: Go to these great online places to find cute baby shower invitations: Tiny Prints Baby Shower Invitations and Pear Tree Greetings Baby Shower Invitations. Also, if your feeling crafty you can make your own. Create a guest list of who you are wanting to invite. Are you going to invite just women or is your party going to include men too?

5. Party Decorations: Party Decorations come in all shapes and sizes. We have balloons, streamers, Diaper Cakes, table toppers, center pieces, etc. The list goes on. Also, don't forget the disposable plates, cups, and utensils...these can be decorations or decorated too.

6. Party Food: You can either plan on making the food yourself or have it catered. You don't have to serve a large meal...instead have a lot of different types of finger foods. Or another fun alternative plan is having a potluck or a "BabyQ", LOL!

7. Games and Festivities: Games help bring the guests and guest of honor together to mingle and possibly learn a few new things about each other. From guessing: the gender, size of the momma's tummy, how many safety pins in a jar, etc. to playing baby bingo, diapering dolly races, trivia, or charades. There are a lot of baby and momma-to-be themed games out there on the web. Make a list of your favorites and how they are played.

8. Party Swag Bags: Give your guests a little something they can remember your party by! Party favors are great, but most of the time get overlooked or under appreciated because of quality and under-use. Pick something or more than one something that you know all of your guests would love and use a kitchen gadget or maybe a homemade magnet with a picture of your pregnant self and them to take home and place on their fridge. Don't forget that crafts the guests can take home can be fun at the party too!

9. Wrap It Up: Know how you are going to end the party and to politely tell the guests that it is time to wrap up the party and go home before you start. Know who is going to help with cleanup and how you are going to get the guest of honor and gifts home if the party was elsewhere. Also, find out where the extra leftover food is going to go.

10. Thank You Cards: When the party is done and over thank you cards are such a nice thought. While opening the gifts from your party have someone write down what you get and who it is from so you will know who to thank for what and who the gifts were from. Whether they gave a gift or not we want everyone that attended to know that we are grateful for them coming too so don't forget to send thank you cards to those people too. Tiny Prints and Pear Tree Greetings are great places to find very cute Thank You Cards online. Also, if your feeling crafty you can make your own.

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