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3DLIGHTFX My Little Pony Rainbow Dash 3D Deco Light Review

The 3DLIGHTFX 3D Deco Lights are a neat addition to any room. They come in iconic styles to help decorate the wall and emit a soft glow. You can find Marvel, WB, Nickelodeon, Cars/Jet, sports, Hasbro, Disney, Nature, Star Wars, and Universal themed 3D Deco Lights. Besides 3D Deco Lights they have 3D Minis, Lil Deco Lights, 3D Disc Lights coming soon to their night light products.

The Rainbow Dash 3D Deco Light is one of three My Little Pony styles that 3DLIGHTFX has. The other two are Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. These are great for nurseries, rec rooms, kids' rooms, hallways, and Brony Caves. My Little Pony fans young and old alike will love these to help create a soft glow to any room.

Features for the 3DLIGHTFX My Little Pony 3D Deco Lights:
  • 100% official Hasbro My Little Pony merchandise.
  • Cordless, battery operated. (requires 3 AA batteries, not included)
  • Never gets hot to touch. Uses energy efficient LED Lights.
  • Looks great ON or OFF. Switch on the side is easily accessible.
  • Simple to install. Never have to change the bulbs. (includes screws, wall plugs, and wall sticker)
  • Great for nurseries, rec rooms, dens, kids' rooms, hallways, and Brony Caves.
  • Provides parents the necessary light for midnight changes, feedings, comforting check-ins and, of course, to keep boogie monsters away. 

How To Install:

Our Thoughts:
It was tough to choose only one of the 3DLIGHTFX My Little Pony 3D Deco Lights as we think all of them are extremely cool looking. Although I wish they had all the mane-six characters or at least Fluttershy, my favorite MLP mane-six character from the Friendship Is Magic series. We finally chose Rainbow Dash (RD) because we love how colorful she is.

The Rainbow Dash 3D Deco Light came in a small box. We did not expect that the part that was 3D was only her head and that the sticker had her wings. We were hoping that the wings were 3D as well, but this was not well represented in the pictures online of the product. RD is not RD without her the sticker has to be used. If we decide later to move the light to a different location we are not sure that the sticker can be peeled off the wall and re-stuck. In retrospect we probably should have picked Twilight Sparkle because in the first seasons she never had wings or Pinkie Pie because she is an earth pony with neither wings nor horn and so this would not have mattered as much with them. However; we did notice that extra wall stickers are available from their partners to purchase on their website. We are just not sure how much they are to purchase because they do not say.

The Rainbow Dash 3D Deco Light was fairly easy to install and great looking on the wall too. We just cleaned the wall, installed the sticker, and mounted the light after placing the wall plugs and screws in the wall. It showed us exactly where to place the holes after placing the sticker, so it was all very easy. After installation, it looks like Rainbow Dash is popping straight through the wall. We love that the 3D Deco Lights are battery operated and don't have any unattractive chords running from it. When Rainbow Dash is turned on with a switch on the side she glows with a comforting ambience for 60 minutes straight or until the switch is put in the off position. After the 60 minutes she turns off automatically. In the day time we try to place her switch in the off position to conserve energy.

My whole family loves this night light! We recommend the 3DLIGHTFX 3D Deco Lights to everyone. It is a fairly unique gift that is sure to create a fun atmosphere in any room or hallway. I have my eyes on the new MLP 3D Minis from 3DLIGHTFX as well as the other MLP 3D Deco Lights and the new Nature butterfly ones too!

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You can see more styles than the ones below on Amazon here.

You can also now find them at Target at!

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