Saturday, April 23, 2016

Little One, God Made You Special Board Book Review

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Little One, God Made You Special by Amy Warren Hilliker and Illustrated by Polona Lovsin is an adorable board book for ages 4-8 years old. It has cute cuddly animal illustrations that are lovingly drawn on each page to go with the text. The text shares a beautiful Christian message of love and importance in rhyme.

Zari loves this adorable board book!

My daughters Zari (age 5) and Teela (age 8) love this book. It is a short and sweet little book that shows the love of a parent for a child and how God made everyone special in their own way. Zari loves looking at the gorgeous pictures and having Teela or I read it to her. This book is a board book so it is more durable than paper books we have in our library. It is perfect for reading any time of the day, including: on a trip, in the car, bedtime, etc. We love to read it at bedtime because it has such a peaceful and calming message and pictures. I look forward to sharing this book many more times with my little ones.

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