Wednesday, April 27, 2016

7 Simple Secrets For Infusing Healthful Herbs Into Your Family’s Life

Do you want to go beyond store-bought remedies, capsules, and tinctures?
To integrate healthful herbs into your family’s life?

Kimberly Gallagher from LearningHerbs will show you how in a free webinar this Thursday:
“The Nourished Herbal Kitchen Tour: 7 Simple Secrets For Infusing Healthful Herbs Into Your Family’s Life”

In this webinar Kimberly Gallagher will share…
  • A tour of her kitchen and how she designed it to integrate nourishing herbs into her family’s diet
  • How to go beyond store bought remedies, capsules, and tinctures 
  • How to make 7 family herbal staples...including nourishing herbal infusions, potent herbal vinegars, super bone broth, sweet herbal honeys, seaweed sprinkles, pestos, Hailey's favorite Chai, and more!
Kimberly will share her favorite recipes, you can start building YOUR family's nourished herbal kitchen the next day.

Kimberly will give a tour of her kitchen and share her favorite recipes, step-by-step... plus, if this webinar is anything like previous ones, there should be LOTS of cool giveaways!

Ready to build your family’s nourished herbal kitchen? Go here to reserve your spot:

Can’t wait to see you there!

P.S. During the webinar there will be a live Q&A. So start jotting down your questions now, and don’t forget to sign up by going here:

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