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Homeschool Copywork Lifetime Membership Review

My family had the privilege of trying the Homeschool Copywork Lifetime Membership for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This gives us a variety of e-books for copywork and notebooking pages such as the Claude Monet Copywork Artist Study, the Leaves Notebooking and Coloring Pages, and the Star Spangled Banner Copywork. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

Copywork is a Charlotte Mason homeschooling technique of practicing handwriting, but it is really more than that. The child who does copywork will reap the benefits of copying a piece of well-written work by composing what is written in the child's best penmanship onto paper or in a notebook in the same exact manner to create a copy. Besides handwriting, copywork also improves spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, memorization, reading skill, and comprehension.

Homeschool Copywork Membership Sign-Up

Homeschool Copywork is a online membership website that was put together by Amy Belvins, a homeschooling mother of six after seeing an improvement in her own daughter's work with this technique. Amy has developed a number of copywork e-books that you can access and use as a member, for your student on the Homeschool Copywork website. The copywork e-books come in printable PDF format. They have handwriting worksheets for different grade levels such as: early elementary, upper elementary, and Junior High through High School. Their subjects for the copywork have a variety of topics including: Holidays and Special Occasions, Artists, Music Composers, Poets, Inventors, Bible Scripture Study, Character Building, Nature, and Science. These include quotes, poetry, hymns, famous documents, or scripture verses to copy onto included lined paper as well as pictures to either look at or color. Some have multiple line styles to copy onto, handwriting styles to copy, dashed lines for tracing the letters that form the words and copywork in print, manuscript, and cursive. These copywork e-books vary in length and content, but have plenty of handwriting practice. There are also coloring books and notebooking pages included in some PDFs as well. This is a great addition to homeschool curriculum when this type of practice is needed for learning.

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

We received a Lifetime Membership which gives us access to every copywork e-book that Homeschool Copywork produces instantly when it is ready and access to all the material that was produced, downloadable from both their free and paid membership area, plus any and all bonuses for as long as the Homeschool Copywork website exists. This is great option that only costs $45 total. They also have a Free Membership which only includes free products and a Full Membership which only includes one year access to the membership area. The Full Membership is $29.95 for one year.

Claude Monet Copywork and Artist Study
Leaves Notebooking and Coloring Pages

I used to do copywork lessons with my boys when they were younger and needed more handwriting practice. I hadn't yet started doing copywork with my girls and I am glad I got the opportunity in using Homeschool Copywork because they have very nice e-books and I love their selection. My daughters Teela and Zari used this exclusively for their copywork. I had Teela work on the Claude Monet Copywork Artist Study and Zari do the Leaves Notebooking and Coloring Pages. I loved that the pages to the e-books could be printed individually or as a complete book. This made it easy to pick out the correct script to use and line size for my girls.

Teela working on the Claude Monet Copywork and Artist Study

The Claude Monet Copywork Artist Study was perfect for Teela who is in 2nd grade right now. We printed the pages out in color because they have 6 full-color printable artwork cards for study and pictures of some of Monet's paintings throughout that you are supposed to study and answer questions about. This e-book has 31 pages that include a brief biography with activities, and 6 quotes presented as copywork in manuscript lines, cursive and print. Teela hasn't done any cursive yet, so she wasn't as good with this than the other practice.

Zari working on the Leaves Notebooking and Coloring Pages.

For the Leaves Notebooking and Coloring Pages that I had Zari do I had her write the leaf name on the lines that were provided over and over at least 4 times in print on the first line size. She also colored the leaves how she wanted to and I think this was her favorite part of the pages. Zari is in pre-school so she did the best she could at printing each letter on the lines provided and leaving the appropriate spacing between each word. This e-book has 24 pages of leaves to color with writing paper in various line sizes or by themselves. You can use this writing paper in notebooking projects, nature journaling, writing projects, or even spelling! This would be awesome for autumn/fall and/or nature studies.

Star Spangled Banner Free Copywork

I am excited to have Teela also work on the Star Spangled Banner Copywork when it becomes closer to the Forth of July. You can get your FREE copy of the Star Spangled Banner Copywork if you click the picture of it above by clicking the picture and signing up for the Free Membership option. This copywork e-book is appropriate for students age 7-16. It includes 12 pages from the first verse of our United States National Anthem.

I love Homeschool Copywork! They have more than 54 e-books and they add more all the time! I believe copywork is essential for homeschool or supplemental learning. 
Amy Belvins

  • Free Membership: (includes free products only) Free. Members who choose a Free Subscription will have access to their growing free section of copywork and Charlotte Mason resources. You will have to go through the checkout process, but you will not be redirected to PayPal since there is no charge for this membership level.
  • One Year Full Membership: $29.95 for one year. Those with a Full Membership will have full access to the member area for one year.
  • LIFETIME Membership: $45.00. LIFETIME Members enjoy access to all of the products in the free membership area and the paid membership area plus any and all bonuses for as long as Homeschool Copywork exists.
Homeschool Copywork Membership Banner - Vertical
Click on the picture and become a member!

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