Thursday, March 21, 2013 and Tiffany Parrot Table Lamp Review

I received a gift code of $100 to use at to order a lamp or light fixture of my choice to facilitate this review. I chose their Tiffany Parrot Table Lamp because we were given a collection of Lynn Chase Parrots of Paradise (Parrotdise) dishes from Brian's Grammy as a wedding gift when we were married and this lamp matched them. Someday I would love to display these lovely dishes in a china cabinet in my kitchen or dining room. The Tiffany Parrot Lamp will be displayed there as well if I have my own way.

I ordered the lamp. It was under the $100 gift code price, had free shipping and handling and you had the option of also adding a free set of light bulbs that would fit it. I chose to get the free light bulbs also because I was sure that I didn't have any bulbs currently to fit it. Ordering through was very easy and straight forward. I ordered the lamp and the bulbs on February 21st and received the lamp on  March 1st. I however; didn't get the courtesy bulb pack until March 11th. I was told this was because they ship out of separate places. So I had to wait to try the lamp out until the Candelabra 7w (E12) Incandescent bulbs came.

After the bulbs arrived we got one out to place into the lamp. This particular lamp unscrews with two screws at the base of the parrot shade where it joins the tree trunk that it sits on. It is fragile so you have to be careful when replacing bulbs into the socket or handling the lamp in general. Thankfully the lamp only goes on one way (clockwise) onto the stand and it came with easy step by step directions to put it all together. You probably can't tell in my pictures, but there are little parrot bird feet perched on the tree trunk to help you line everything up before you screw it together. It has a lovely dark bronze, circle gold finish and a felt on the bottom of the base so that it won't harm furniture. The polarized plug had a bushing on it that we took off so that we could plug it into the outlet. The cord wire has a good length to it with a simple inline on/off switch to operate the light.

With the lamp also came a little pamphlet that told about Dale Tiffany lamps. Dale Tiffany is the world-renowned manufacturer of fine glass lighting and home decor in the tradition of Louis Comfort Tiffany. With their "opalescent glass" shades the century old tradition continues in these lamps with the same copper foil technique as the original. This "opalescent glass" or stained glass is made of genuine hand rolled art glass. All pieces are hand-crafted art. Each becomes its own truly unique heirloom piece.

I love this lamp. It is gorgeous. The mosaic stained art glass is elegant and definitely fits into my eccentric eclectic style well within my home. When the lamp was on it held a delightful ambiance and was not too bright to make my dog go crazy because of lights and shadows it produced. I was pleased with it even though I would have liked the areas of the tail and beak of the parrot to light up more. It definitely enhances the mood and environment where I place it and proves to be a great accent piece.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received product for free to facilitate my review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.


Sarah Wells said...

Thanks for sharing your review of the lamp. It's a beautiful and unique lamp, I love it! That's so neat you had the dishes that match so well. It will make for a very nice display!

Ashley S said...

I took a look at their site and they have some gorgeous lamps! Great variety.

Naptime Review said...

That's a cool lamp!

Julie @ Naptime Review

Pam Allen said...

Beautiful lamp! Thanks for the review and of course going to check out!