Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em Eggs Easter Review and Giveaway

For Easter this year there is a new product that is great to add to Easter baskets and use for Easter egg hunts. These are also great for Spring. They are called Hide 'em Hatch 'em Eggs and I received some free to facilitate this review. These are eggs that actually hatch animals from their shells. They are also great to use in Easter egg hunts because they are so much more fun than plastic eggs and regular eggs. These come in packages of three eggs and hatch into three different animals: chick, duckling, and bunny.

We had a lot of fun with these eggs. Watching them hatch was the best part. I have seen a real chick hatch and the process was so realistic, although these are hatched from the egg into water. I admit that the bunny coming out the the egg was confusing for my youngest daughters. I had to re-educate them that a real bunny doesn't actually come out of an egg and is actually a non egg laying mammal like us. I made a whole homeschooling unit out of it. We talked about birth, the difference between mammals and birds and I even told them what a platypus is.

The Hide 'em Hatch 'em Eggs have a single hole in the top and two holes in the bottom to let the room temperature water inside the eggs once they are submerged. You need to hold them under the water briefly until all air bubbles stop coming to the surface so the water will go just over the top of the egg. Place them in a container that is clear so you can see all the action. We placed ours into glass canning jars and this worked very well.

The first day after about 6-12 hours you should see some breaking happening of the shell around the pet. We saw the first egg start to hatch after about 10 hours so you need to be patient with these. They will hatch at different rates and speeds for different people. Our first one that started hatching was the chick. It was really exciting for my kids. They were enjoying these a lot.

As the pets grow they will be slimy, because of the material the pets are made out of, and this also contributes to the water's murkiness. The shell will also crack and flake off. The water needs changed often to help solicit growth, keep the water at room temperature and keep the water clear. Slowly you will see more and more of the baby as it breaks out of its shell as it grows. If you are impatient you can help your little friend out by cracking the shell (just like a mamma might need to do for her hatchling) or you can change the water and let it continue to grow as we did.

The baby can be kept in the water so it can continue to grow a tad bit more out of the egg. Once removed from the water shrinkage will occur but the animal will dry and harden and then you can play with it. These are great for Easter or spring, but if you do get them just be aware that they take a while to hatch, so plan ahead. Ours took about 5 days to be fully out of their shells. Also these are recommended for children over 3 years old because of small part choking hazard.


Prize: Win Hide 'em & Hatch 'em Eggs.

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Erin said...

I like how this product is great fun for kids!

Kay Maher said...

These are really cute. I like that you were able to turn these into a homeschool learning opportunity. They do look kind of realistic, but mom ducks and chickens really don't help. They may roll an egg, but they don't peck it. Babies have to emerge in their own time.
I'm going to get some of these for the grandkids. They are really cute!

618mom said...

These are so cool! My kids would love them.

justicecw said...

I love that they are something cute and different for an Easter Basket. Thanks for the chance,

andrea v said...

My kids would be amazed by this product

Jennifer T. said...

I like that instead candy that they are interactive.

gahome2mom said...

this is cool. kids will sure like this one... thanks gahome2mom/gmail

Madonna said...

I just think they are the cutest thing and you can use them as a learning opportunity also.

Teresa Young said...

I like how the hatching chick is similar to how a real chick hatches.