Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mommy Tags and Ola Loa Giveaway Winners

The winner of the Mommy Tags Set is #27 justicecw! She said another one she likes is the Doodle tag and she would personalize this with her son's name and date of birth.

The winner of the Ola Loa Variety Pack is #9 AStarrA! She said she would love to try out the Ola Loa ENERGY Orange because of all the great multivitamin-mineral-amino acids.

Congrats again to all the winners! I will contact each winner by email. If you did not have your email posted please post it here so I can email you! Thanks to all those who participated and don't forget to enter in my contests/giveaways that are going on now! I will also be adding more posts and giveaways soon so stay tuned!

*All winners are chosen by my True Random Number Generator.


AStarrA said...

That's so awesome, thanks!! I've been wanting to try Ola Loa for awhile now.

justicecw said...

Thank you so much! I am looking forward to wearing such a beautiful and meaningful peice of jewelry! It is very appreciated!!!!