Friday, May 17, 2013

Shimmer & Splash The Sparkling World of Sealife by Jim Arnosky Book Review and Giveaway

I received this book for free to facilitate this review. This post has affiliate links.

Shimmer & Splash by Jim Arnosky is a great book about sea life. It has wonderful painted illustrations/penciled sketches and information about the creatures within the book. Some of the pages are giant fold-out pages of life-size fish and other underwater creatures. The contents are very helpful because they show which pages are fold-out.

This book has nearly 200 sea creatures, from a tiny Fiddler Crab to an enormous Orca Whale. This book has dolphins, sting rays, coral, sharks, whales, fish, jelly fish, crabs, etc. I love learning more about the ocean depths and its wildlife.

My favorite parts of the book were about the dolphins and whales because cetaceans are some of my favorite sea creatures because of their intelligence and playfulness. I also enjoyed learning about the coral reef. They are really very interesting, colorful, and have a wide range of shapes. My boys loved the parts about the sharks.We didn't know that there are so many different tail shapes from one shark to the next.

My family enjoyed this book immensely. It has been given an honorary spot on our shelf for ocean/sea related books. Yes, we have a whole bookshelf dedicated to those books, mainly dolphin and whale ones. I would highly recommend it for your home book collection or library! It is great for homeschooling or for the child who loves oceanography or marine-biology too because of all the neat educational information jam packed inside.

You can purchase Shimmer & Splash on for $10.76 at time of posting.

Prize: 1 winner will win a copy of the Shimmer & Splash Book free from Sterling Publishing.

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