Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Anytime Costumes Renaissance Lady In Waiting Costume Review

I received this costume for free to facilitate this review.

I have always loved dressing up. Even as I get older I love cosplay (costume play). It is still fun to role-play. I always loved acting and was in a number of school plays (some musicals) as a child. I love the theater and used to go see plays all the time when I was in college. I miss it, but with small kids It is difficult to go see them. The next best thing to going to the theater and seeing others acting is dressing up and going to fairs or conventions where others are also dressed up too.

I love Renaissance fairs and although I never had a costume up until now, it was still fun to partake in the festivities. Through Anytime Costumes I got to pick out a costume for free to facilitate this review. I decided upon the Lady In Waiting Costume they had. I chose the size small (the smallest size they had) because I am very petite.

This costume comes with a dress and crown. The dress is long and layered. The moss green fabric of the bodice and sleeves feature a gold inlay of diamond shapes that is embellished with an ivory, green and gold decorated ribbon trimming the square sweetheart neckline and the waistline. The outer sleeves are royal purple and puffy at the shoulders and drop into hanging sleeves. They open up to inner long sleeves that are in the same moss green and gold patterned fabric as the bodice. The outer skirt is of the royal purple fabric and is cinched up with two gold colored ribbons on either side. There is a faux underskirt that is moss green and reaches down to your feet. The costume is topped off by a faux gold crown bejeweled with faux yellow gems. This costume is modeled after clothing ladies in waiting wore. A lady in waiting is a female personal assistant who tends to the needs of queens, princesses or noblewomen. They did things like secretarial tasks, embroidering, painting, horse riding, making music, and taking care of clothing.

When this costume came in the mail and I opened it up I was surprised at the crown that came with it. It is absolutely my favorite part of the costume. It looks very authentic from the front, but is held on by a black stretchy band in the back. The crown is made from some sort of rubber painted gold and molded with the shape. The faux yellow jewels really set it off. I love the radiance it gives. It reminds me of the sun's rays.

The dress was well built and I love the decorated ribbon and attention to detail in the front. However; it, like the crown, was not especially flattering from the back. When I tried it on at first I had to adjust it slightly so I wouldn't have a huge wardrobe malfunction. Even the small size I was swimming in. The skirt falls well past my feet and the bodice is not well suited for small chested women like me. I filled it out everywhere but there. I will probably take it in and up later. Even though I had to adjust the costume the pictures turned out great while I was wearing it.

All in all this costume is wonderful if you need something for Renaissance fairs, Halloween, or a theatrical performance.

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DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received product for free to facilitate my review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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