Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blanket and Quilt Charities For Children

My daughter, Tatiana, was so very blessed while she was on this Earth with us and we were very blessed to have her as long as we did. Over and over she was showered with gifts from various charities and organizations. Among them were the people that made quilts and blankets for her and her siblings. Tatiana spent a lot of her time at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon and the majority of the time she was greeted to her room with a handmade, homemade treasure to have while she was in the hospital and to take home with her. I want to thank everyone who volunteer and contribute their time and effort into making these and other lovely items for children who are in need of some comfort. I know that my daughter appreciated every one of these beautiful expressions of love and compassion and so did I.

I recently received an email from Better Homes and Gardens about P&Gs Downy Touch of Comfort Program that partnerships with and benefits Quilts For Kids, because I am a member of Better Homes and Gardens Reader Panel. You can help donate 10,000 comforting, handmade quilts to hospitalized children. When you purchase specially marked Downy with the quilted label, 5¢ goes to Downy's charity partner, Quilts For Kids. You can even make a Downy Touch of Comfort Heart Quilt with this free pattern.

This email reminded me of the many blankets and quilts my family has received from organizations like Quilts For Kids. I wanted to list them here too because I am grateful. Click on the links to learn more about them:

Project Linus See Tatiana with one of her Project Linus quilts.
Love Quilts See Tatiana with her Love Quilt.
Binky Patrol See Tati and her siblings with their Binky Patrol blankets.

If you are a quilter or a blanket maker and would like to donate your talents to one of these wonderful organizations please consider doing so! They need your help! Thanks!

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Lindsey said...

Sometimes I feel helpless and am unsure what the best way is to help a family is... this is a wonderful way to contribute and make the little one feel cozy. :) I love that you shared this - thanks so much!