Thursday, November 29, 2012

Real Food Moms & Simple Food For Busy Families Review and Giveaway

Real Food Moms is a great website and blog that is all about nutrition and helping parents make easier, tastier and healthier meals for their families in less time. Parents have a lot on their plates these days, but usually those plates don't involve healthy food. People are spending less time in the kitchen and more eating out. Usually the fast food choices to meet our busy schedules aren't the healthiest in the world. Real Food Moms helps break the unhealthy food cycle and bring good food to your table.

I know I have very little time for meal planning, shopping, food preparation or worrying about what to feed my extremely busy family. I admit that I have a hard time with planning things ahead of time and time management. I am a major procrastinator and usually have a mountain of things to get done on my to do list. This is why I love this website! Most of the recipes that are on this website take less that 15 minutes of prep time. Real Food Moms also shares essential tools, reference charts, time-saving tips and cooking tricks you will need to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Join and Follow Them
They have an app you can download for your convenience on your iPhone. An internet radio show called Family Food Experts that airs every Wednesday at 6:00 PM (EST) on (replay on Tuesdays at 9am) The will co-host every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Each week they'll talk about Healthy Meal Ideas. Join their Twitter chat every Tuesday at 2pm EST #famfoodexperts There will be a weekly giveaway too! Enter on Facebook or Twitter through Follow them on Pinterest. They also have a forum that you can join to get support and quick answers to your questions. You can also get the Summer Issue of their Cook Once Eat Twice Menu Planner for Free by subscribing!

I received a book written by the Real Food Mom Founders called Simple Food for Busy Families to also review for free. This book is packed with good information. I love how it is laid out. This is my new go to book for helping me put healthier meals together. While this book is not really a cookbook (there are recipes in this book, just not a lot of them), it is a quick reference guide to many things essential for putting meals together. It takes on a whole foods approach to nutrition and tells us how to stray away from the Standard American Diet (SAD). I loved the chapter Seasonality: Eating in Harmony with Nature and learning the benefits to doing so. I loved reading and learning about the different herbs and spices, vegetables, grains and beans, and how to mix and match everything for tasty healthful meals. I really need to execute and administer the daily routine suggestions that they have in this book. I already love to make crust-less quiche and couscous and have incorporated them into my diet. I think I after reading this book I am well on my way to making better choices to put on the table.

Buy It
You can purchase their Pantry Makeover Kit to help you organize and makeover your pantry for $14.95! You can also purchase Books by the Real Food Mom Founders; Great Expectations: Best Food for Your Baby and Toddler From First Foods to Meals Your Child Will Love for $9.36 and Simple Food for Busy Families, The Whole Life Nutrition Approach for $14.24.

Prize: Win the Simple Food for Busy Families Book

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DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: Thanks to Real Food Mom for sending me product for free to review and letting me giveaway one for free also. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.


Rose Powell said...

family exercise

Heather Wone said...

I would love for my kids to eat more vegetable! They love their fruit, but getting them to it vegetables is a challenge!

Erin Lowmaster said...

Less carbs and more fruits and vegetables!