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Home School in the Woods Á La Carte Literary Genres Lap Book Mini-Study Review

My family had the privilege of trying the Literary Genres Lap Book Mini-Study from among the Á La Carte products of Home School in the Woods for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Homeschool Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

Home School in the Woods is a family run business that creates Christian based history curriculum for homeschooling. This curriculum immerses your student in the topic. It is very hands-on with lapbooks, timelines, recipes, art, creative writing, notebook projects, dramatized audio theater, maps, crafts, projects, re-enactments, file-folder games, vocabulary to learn, etc.

The Á La Carte Projects are a new category of products that Home School in the Woods is now offering. These hands-on mini-studies include lap booking, creative writing, 3-dimensional art, games, timelines, etc. about different topics to just do on their own. Some Á La Carte Projects are a smaller, more focused pieces from the larger history studies and others are completely original projects that they have created. These you can purchase separately from the larger Home School in the Woods curriculum so you can add them individually to your own homeschool course of study. This menu is being added to regularly with brand new material.

The Literary Genres Lap Book Mini-Study is a completely separate and original short study that helps the student learn the categories of literature. This has a brief amount of text along with lap book projects. It comes in PDF format with an introduction and tips, description of what a genre is and the categories with suggested reading, vocabulary to know, additional activities to do, and the lapbook complete with supplies and instructions for how to put it all together. There are fun lift the flaps, pockets, a writing section, etc. This is recommended for grades 3rd-8th.

Projects Included Are:
  1. Genres Card Catalog
  2. Book Stack Vocabulary
  3. Steps to Story Building
  4. Library of Good Reads
  5. Reading Tablet

10 Literary Genres Covered:
  • Poetry
  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Fantasy
  • Fairy Tale
  • Tall Tale
  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Realistic Fiction

Teela constructing the lapbook.

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:
Teela my 9 year old put this lapbook together with a little help from me. There was a lot of cutting things out, coloring, gluing, stapling, and taping. The instructions were fairly simple and straightforward. We didn't have any trouble finding where all the pieces went and how to construct it all. We liked the suggestion of placing pieces in a ziplock bag until you start building each section because otherwise pieces could get lost. There were quite a few of them and it was a good idea to keep them organized at the start even though you could reprint if you did loose any.

The completed Literary Genres Lap Book Mini-Study.

The projects are fun to put together. My kids had seen a card catalog in our library and knew how to use one even if they are kind of going the way of the dinosaur. This lapbook had a Genres Card Catalog. I thought that was neat way of showing the descriptions and recommended reading of each genre in a pocket that looked like a drawer to a card catalog. The Book Stack Vocabulary looked like a stack of books that had titles of categories on their spines and lift the flap to see the description of each underneath. The Steps to Story Building has the steps to organize your thoughts in order to write a good story in lift up flaps with the descriptions of each and a place to write under each. The Library of Good Reads has pockets that look like shelves that has small paper books with information you can write inside that can sit in them. The Reading Tablet is a frame that holds the paper to write a short story/book report with.

I think that Teela understands better what the different genres are of literature. We are happy we got the opportunity to do this lapbook together so that she could learn this. This will help her brainstorming, story building and writing, and knowing what genres each book she reads lands in. She loves to read and write stories so I was happy that she now has one more tool to add for this.

I recommend the Home School in the Woods Á La Carte Literary Genres Lap Book Mini-Study to all that homeschool or supplement learning. My daughter learned a lot from it. This is a great mini study and it is a fun lapbook to put together.

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You can purchase the Literary Genres Lap Book Mini-Study for $9.95.

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