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Canvas On Demand Premium Thick Wrap Canvas + Coloring Canvas Review #mycanvasondemand

I received this free to facilitate this review.

Canvas On Demand makes it easy to turn your photography or art into something more. They have canvases, prints, and personalized gifts that could make your home one of a kind and unique. The ordering process is so simple too. Canvas On Demand has some wonderful ideas for some fabulous gifts this holiday season!

Their premium wrapped canvases are conveyed to be top quality. These offer a ridged, warp-resistant construction, 1.25"thick wrap, an enclosed back, pre-installed hardware, and an extended 2 year warranty. There are 25 different sizes to choose from too. Learn more here.

What I Thought:
I got to pick out a 16x20 Premium Thick Wrap Canvas and a 16x20 or 16x16 Coloring Canvas. I got to personalize the 16x20 Premium Thick Wrap Canvas with one of my own photography pictures. I picked a picture of my horses grazing in our field with a rainbow overhead that I took in April of last year. I thought that this photo would make a lovely art piece for my wall. I selected the Floral Wolf 16x16 Premium Thick Wrap Canvas with White canvas edge. It is a black and white line art of a wolf made out of leaves, branches, flowers and mushrooms. Here are some FAQ about the Coloring Canvases.

Step 1: Upload Your Image

The ordering process was very straightforward. You click the link that I have below to build a 16x20 Premium Thick Wrap Canvas. Then you click on the Order a 16x20 Premium Canvas button and select your photograph or art to Upload Your Image.

Step 2: Edit Your Item

Then after you select your image and upload it you can Edit Your Item. You can choose different options on this page like: orientation, color effects, edge, size shape. I chose the color blur edge, but there are image, black, and white edges also available.

Step 3 & 4: Choose if you would like a Professional Review or Touch-ups done for extra cost.

After this page you have the option of having a professional review and a retouching & enhancement if needed for extra cost...I did not select these options.

Step 5: Add anything else to your cart you would like, make sure options are correct.

I was also ordering a Coloring Canvas, so I chose out of the many to select and picked out my absolute favorite, the Floral Wolf by Aron Gadd. This suited my love of forest flora and fauna. I love how intricate it is. It will be a fantastic addition to my wall when I am done coloring it. I selected the correct size 16x16, white canvas edge, and I only wanted one. Canvas On Demand recommends BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers in a Fine Point tip which can also be purchased with the Coloring Canvas you choose or separately at an extra cost if you don't have your own set of good markers for coloring on canvas. Then I added that too to my cart.

Step 6: Make sure everything looks good in the Shopping Cart and order.

I looked everything over and made sure that my Shopping Cart looked good then proceeded to Checkout.

You will get an email with your order number, status, and information.

You will put in your shipping and billing information, and email so they can send you an email when they have your order number and tracking information when they ship your package.

With flash you can see the enclosed back of the canvases and the pre-installed hardware.

My package took a little over a week to get to me. The box arrived safely on my doorstep. Both canvases were wrapped really well for the travel to my home.

Look how dark the Canvas On Demand print came out from the original.

When I opened the box up and looked at my photograph that they made into a Premium Thick Wrap Canvas I was surprised and a very disappointed at how dark the colors were. The colors looked washed out, too dark, and the definition is not there with the detail anymore. I wish the colors were brighter and more defined on the canvas. I will have to put a spot light on this to get it to pop like the original does.

Floral Wolf not colored on my wall.

The Coloring Canvas was also sloppily wrapped around the frame so the corners stuck out as well. I love the print of the wolf and I can't wait to color it, but I wish that it was wrapped better. These were not museum quality by any means. Maybe though you will have better luck than me.

Sloppy wrapped corners of the Coloring Canvas.

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DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free to facilitate this review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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