Saturday, September 2, 2017

Edushape Travel Brix Review

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Travel Brix is a great travel set of 32 building blocks that interlock together with little plastic nubs. This set also comes with a board so that your child has a flat nubby surface to attach their creations to while on-the-go. These are easily washable and grip-able. You can easily store all the pieces in the box they come in. This box also comes with a handle to easily carry the pieces with you. You can take this set on: planes, trains, and automobiles. It can go with your child to the park, playground, Grandma's house or at home! Great for encouraging: creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, tactile sensory development, visual sensory development, socialization, fine motor skills, and logic & reasoning. Perfect for both boys and girls. Great for little architects, engineers, tinkers, and artists! Recommended for ages 3 and up because of some small pieces and possible choking hazard.

Edushape manufactures quality children's toys and products that promote developmental learning through play. These toys and products help build Gross Motor, Language, Musical, Social & Emotional, Fine Motor skills and much more. Their main focus is for children ages Birth to 5 years old.

What Is Included In the Travel Brix set:
  • 32 Pieces: These are great for open-ended play just about anywhere. They are made from sturdy, soft, and flexible plastic. They come in bright colors of yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, and orange. These colors and details of individual pieces may vary from the illustrations.
  • 1 Travel Board: Use this to assemble creations to so they won't topple. This is 6"x8" or 15x20cm. Additional boards may be purchased separately.
  • 1 Booklet: This shows 9 pictures of things your child can build with the Travel Brix.
  • 1 Box: Sturdy cardboard box opens up to store all the pieces in. Closes securely and has a handle for easy travel.

Teela and Zari playing with the Edushape Travel Brix.

What We Thought:
The Edushape Travel Brix set is wonderful to take on trips. We love how fast it packs up to bring wherever. The box was the perfect thing to bring them in and had extra room for more bricks too if needed.

The pieces come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and colors. There is even some that let the blocks attached to them turn around and around. My girls made the wind mill from the picture and it really turned which was cool. There aren't just square or rectangular bricks either. My kids made the cat from the picture and it has triangle ears. Some had more surface area than others which made building a little more challenging because of how and where they interlock together. We also loved the bright colors the bricks came in.

We liked how simple these were to put together. The pieces are safe and don't poke you while playing with them. My daughters didn't get frustrated at all by building their own things. I did wish that the little booklet of design ideas, which only had pictures of finished creations, had instead step-by-step instructions of builds. The flower proved to be difficult just by looking at the picture to put together, even for me and so I made up my own. Also, since the colors of the pieces in the booklet didn't match the ones we had it proved a bit confusing for my youngest who is 6 to put together the builds from the pictures. We also found that if you stack the pieces too high or if they are top heavy, they still topple even if attached to the board. My daughters still had a lot of fun building things of their own design though with this set.

We highly recommend the Edushape Travel Brix for ages 3 and older. I like that they are easily cleaned which is a plus and that they are a fun toy to take traveling. These are also well made. I see them lasting a long time.

You can purchase this from Amazon.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free to facilitate this review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review. Affiliate links can be found in this post. Thank you for your support of this blog!

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