Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Book of Kringle: Legend of the North Pole Book Review

The Book of Kringle: Legend of the North Pole is a children's book with gold foiled hardcover by Derek Velez Partridge with Mary Packard and illustrated by David Wenzel. This tale is a story about the North Pole, elves, Santa Claus, and magical reindeer. This however isn't the story you are probably familiar with. Kris Kringle has a evil brother that rules the North Pole with darkness...even Kris. The battle between light and dark has started between the two brothers and the elves go to find Santa, the one, truly kindhearted soul who could bring back laughter, play, and Christmas to the world. Could they do it in time?

This book is eloquently written and gorgeously illustrated. I love the storyline which is a classic battle of good and evil. My girls who are 8 and 6 enjoyed reading this book and looking at the elaborate illustrations. This book is truly magical. It is a wonderful, heart warming book that is perfect for the holiday season.

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