Monday, December 19, 2016

Babushka: A Christmas Tale Book Review

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Babushka A Christmas Tale is a dusk-jacketed hardcover children's book written by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Amanda Hall. This classic Russian folk tale is about an old grandmother that loves to have a tidy home. One night while working on her chores she hears a knock on the door and invites three travelers inside to rest and have a bite to eat. She hears their story of where they are headed and is intrigued. After the three travelers are warm and well fed they get up to leave and ask if Babushka would like to travel with them. Politely she declines since after all, she is not done with her chores. The next morning she wakes and decides to find the baby the three spoke of and starts off on her own with handmade gifts in a basket. On her journey she cannot find the tracks of the three men, but finds others that are in need and helps them each with a gift from her basket.

This story is a wonderful tale that will warm your heart during the chilly winter. It reminds you and your family of the true meaning of this joyous holiday season. The lovely illustrations capture Russian folk art and bring this tale to life with patterns and color. I love that this story has a wonderful moral and theme of sharing love with others. The generosity of the old lady should remind us of how Christmas should be, a holiday of giving. I recommend it as the perfect gift for anyone for the Christmas season!


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Anne D. said...

This looks like an adorable book! Perfect for a Christmas gift!!