Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Never Buy Bread Again – 20+ Homemade Bread Recipes Cookbook Kickstarter and Review

My mother used to bake bread all the time. Her Honey Whole Wheat Bread and sweet roles were my favorite growing up. I loved to watch the dough rise. That heavenly smell and taste of fresh baked homemade bread from the oven always made me happy.

Fast forward to now and I confess that the only bread I have made is sweet quick breads like banana or zucchini and Amish Friendship Bread. Making more breads has been something that I would like to do, but I have made excuse after excuse in doing...my kitchen is super small, it will take to much time, what if the yeast doesn't work, what if the dough doesn't rise, what if I don't knead it enough, etc. These doubts have stopped me from making more breads at home.

Enter the Never Buy Bread Again – 20+ Homemade Bread Recipes Cookbook by Laurie Neverman of Common Sense Homesteading. This cookbook is on Kickstarter right now and needs your support to be funded! I received it free in digital format to review.

This bread cookbook is far more than just a cookbook with recipes. In the beginning it has helpful Troubleshooting Tips for Bread Baking. These tips help the hesitation, reluctance, and uncertainty to become confidence and clarity. These tips include the: list of tools/equipment needed to bake bread, flour that should be used and why, water and ingredient temperature for bread making, yeast to use, amount of yeast per package, proper way and order to add ingredients, temperature needed for bread to rise, reasons for bread not rising, reasons for dough being too sticky, position in the oven to place the bread for cooking, amount of loaves that can bake at a time, reasons for overly dense bread, amount you should knead your dough, reasons why your dough smells sour like alcohol, reasons why bread didn't brown, and reasons why your bread collapsed. There are also storage tips, recipes for some of the author's favorite things to eat with bread and recipes that will help you repurpose leftover bread in new ways.

I love that these recipes are all simple, straightforward healthy breads that I can make myself. These recipes don't have additives, preservatives, or ingredients that I cannot pronounce in them. They do have whole ingredients that are both healthy and delicious. I also discovered that my sister that has a gluten intolerance can eat many of these too.

Recipes Included and Some Other Tips:
  • Basic Sandwich Bread
  • Easy Sourdough Bread and Cultivating Sourdough Starter
  • Potato Bread
  • Cinnamon Swirl Bread and High-Altitude Bread Baking Tips
  • Crusty French Bread
  • Pretzel Bread
  • English Muffin Bread
  • Homemade Seasoned Croûtons
  • Betty’s Buttermilk Rye Bread
  • Old Fashioned Bread Pudding
  • Swedish Limpa Bread
  • Dark Pumpernickel Rye Bread
  • Green Garden Dip
  • Duncan’s “Meat in a Loaf ”
  • Duncan's Favorite Sloppy Joes
  • Coconut Flour Bread and To Gluten or Not to Gluten?
  • Brazilian Cheese Bread and Refrigerating Raw Dough
  • Gluten Free Sandwich Bread
  • Gluten Free Flatbread and Freezing Dough and Par-baked Breads
  • Gram Irene’s Cornbread and Storage Tips for Baked Bread
  • Southern Style Cornbread
  • Flavored Butters
  • Classic Beer Bread
  • Beer Cheese Fondue
  • Top Secret Banana Quick Bread
  • Cheesy Garlic Zucchini Bread
  • Basic Flour Tortillas
  • Basic Biscuits
  • Chicken and Dumplings
  • Pancakes
  • French Toast
  • Popovers
  • "Wheat Thin" Style Crackers
  • Kolache and Filling Recipes for Kolache
  • Polish Doughnuts
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Monkey Bread

The Never Buy Bread Again – 20+ Homemade Bread Recipes Cookbook is the perfect addition to my cookbooks! It is a great resource for everyday breads, quick breads, yeast breads, gluten free breads, & holiday and special occasion breads. I can't wait to try out these wholesome homemade breads and other recipes. I want to start making my own bread at home so that I will never have to buy bread that is bland or preservative-laden again. This cookbook is perfect for someone like me who was intimidated by the whole bread making process. It is also for people who want to save money and avoid the harmful additives and chemicals in most store bought breads.

If you would like to get a copy of your own you can by supporting and backing the Kickstarter for the Never Buy Bread Again – 20+ Homemade Bread Recipes Cookbook! Only $10 gets you a digital PDF copy and $25 for a spiral bound print copy of the cookbook! There is only 7 days left to go so hurry!!!

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received this book for free to facilitate this review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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