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LearnBop for Families Review

My family had the privilege of trying the LearnBop for Families Family Plan from LearnBop for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.


LearnBop is a self-paced online math learning program that adapts with the student to strengthen math skills. LearnBop is associated with K-12. This online math tutor subscription offers levels from grades 3-12 (grades 3-8 plus high school Algebra 1, Algebra II, and Geometry). This is personalized math support at home or on the go. This program tutors students step-by-step, just like a person would. LearnBop is on your schedule because your student can access it from a tablet or a PC anytime with online access. As the parent/teacher you get to monitor progress of the student as well. There is a version for schools and a version for families.

LearnBop Dashboard

LearnBop for Families is a brand-new math offering for homeschoolers, but the content has been available to schools for some time. There are two different plans for LearnBop for Families. The Family Plan is for up to 4 students and the Single Student Plan is for just one student. You can either subscribe month to month or prepaid for 12 months total.

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

I received the LearnBop for Families Family Plan prepaid twelve month subscription for up to 4 students. When I logged on I set up my three oldest kids' accounts. Delbin is 15 and Jaedan is 14 and I set them both up for HS-Algebra I. For the review though, I am going to be only focusing on Teela, my oldest girl, who is 8 years old. First they each got to choose a character for their avatar. These characters each have a different "math power". Delbin chose the Codebreaker with the math power of Cryptography. Jaedan chose the Pirate Navigator with the math power of Celestial Navigation. Teela also chose the Pirate Navigator (only female version) one which has the math power of Celestial Navigation. I had Teela's account set on Grade 3 which I got to choose at the beginning. This is the lowest grade level that can be chosen.

Teela is currently in second grade going into third. She wasn't too thrilled to be doing math because it is her least favorite subject, but we set up a reward system so that she would do the work and I think it payed off. She was of course learning stuff in math that we hadn't really touched on yet, but she was learning it and gaining understanding of the concepts. I wished LearnBop had a second grade as well so Teela could review all the math concepts we learned this year before moving on to third grade, but they don't.

LearnBop starts everyone off with a warm-up to place them better. This doesn't tell your student how well they did or how many they missed, but is a sort of assessment to see what concepts they know. After the warm-up the students are introduced to the first unit.

The units in grade three start in multiplication and division and end in computing fluently. There are 13 total units in grade 3. The student has to get at least 90% mastery on each concept within the units to complete them and earn achievement awards.

Teela working on math problems and watching video lessons in LearnBop.

LearnBop has the student watch three videos before solving mastery practice problems called "bops" and if they don't get the concepts by then there are extra video lessons that they can watch. After watching these they go onto solving "bops". If they get the question right the percentage score goes up and if the student gets it wrong they are given the chance to answer questions that will help them master the question they failed.

I get to monitor progress and statistics by looking at the Dashboard. This shows me the roadmap, current unit, active concept, recent progress, and achievement awards. The page also shows a "growth mindset" which is a saying or quote to motivate the student. The teacher/parent can also go to another student's account from here as well.

Teela showed a lot of progress the three days a week we used this so far. She has grown immensely in comprehension and has more confidence in her abilities solving math problems on her own. LearnBop has taught her that she can gain a deeper understanding in math and enjoy it too.

LearnBop for Families is perfect for homeschooling families or families that have a need of extra math help. This is great for math tutoring in Basic Math, Geometry, Algebra, Pre-algebra, Trigonometry, Math Problems, Fractions, Decimals, etc.

Purchase LearnBop for Families. Single Student Plan: Subscription (month to month) $14.95, Prepaid (12 months prepaid) $149.95 (Two Months Free!). Family Plan — Up to 4 Students: Subscription (month to month) $19.95, Prepaid (12 months prepaid) $199.95.

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LearnBop for Families Review

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