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Trudeau Valentine's Day Review and Tips For a Perfect Breakfast In Bed

Heart shaped chocolates made with Trudeau chocolate molds. Heart shaped egg and pancake made with Trudeau Egg Ring.
I received the Trudeau products free to facilitate this review. Affiliate links may be in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog.

The best way to make Valentine's Day super special this year is making your loved one breakfast in bed. Your loved one will appreciate being catered to while being able to sleep in. Nothing is better than waking up to the smell of something yummy cooking in the kitchen! Go ahead, spoil your significant other rotten and don't overlook this treat!

Sometimes it is hard to get up early and keep it a surprise, though. I have some tips below that will help with making the breakfast in bed perfect. Making the breakfast with Trudeau's kitchen gadgets makes it more fun and even more extra special too because it is all in the little details that counts!

Tips to Make Breakfast in Bed Perfect:
  • Timing is Important: Make sure your loved one doesn't have to eat and run. It is better to pick a time and day that they have plenty of time to leisurely enjoy breakfast in bed and savor the experience.
  • Get a Bed Tray: Buy a tray with sides so that the food will stay contained and not spill onto the bed or floor. One that has folding legs is nice as well so that the food will be raised up off of the person's lap. It is easier to eat this way. You can also use a small laptop desk if you can't find a tray.
  • Presentation is Everything: It is the little things that make it extra special for someone else. Get out the fine china and pretty silverware. Use flowers as decoration: a single flower on the tray, flower petals sprinkled around the plate, edible flowers (you could even get crystallized candied edible flowers or make your own) placed on the plate. Use cloth napkins: You can fold these into all kinds of fun romantic shapes and some come in pretty floral or heart patterns. Make a card with a nice note on it or menu of the food to go with the meal. Decorate with a pretty placemat, paper doilies and/or confetti. Use heart shaped containers like bowls, reusable cupcake liners, etc. Sometimes the food can be formed or cut out into romantic shapes too!
  • Know What You Are Making For Breakfast: There are a lot of great choices out there and it does help to know your partner's favorites. Plan ahead and make sure you have all the ingredients, etc. before the big surprise. Don't forget the salt and pepper or cream and sugar, if needed.
  • Prepare the Breakfast Like a Ninja: If you sleep in the same bed as your partner get up early and sneak away stealthily. If they wake have a good excuse to make sure they go back to sleep. Make the breakfast as quietly as possible so you don't wake your partner prematurely. Sometimes you can also chop or mix the ingredients the night before. If you don't want them spoiling the surprise you can also put a towel in the crack under the bedroom door so they won't smell the evidence. Also try to clean up any messes before they are served so you can spend time with them and not kill the mood by having a messy kitchen.
  • Serve Drinks Only ¾ Full: Pouring beverages, especially the hot ones, ¾ of the way full will make sure they are not easily spilled when the tray is in transit.
  • Make Them Comfortable: When bringing the tray of food to your love, set it aside so you can prepare their area. Puff up the pillows and add extra pillows so they can sit up comfortably in bed. Straighten out the covers so that the tray can be on a flat surface. Add a towel, folded table cloth, or small blanket under the tray when you place it to catch any crumbs.
  • Get Them In The Mood: Play some nice music, give them a good book or the morning paper to read, watch a favorite show on TV, or just have a nice conversation while they eat.
  • Clean Up After: After they are done with their breakfast pamper them by taking the tray and cleaning up. While doing the dishes run a luxurious bath for them to relax in. While they are enjoying that don't forget to make the bed too.

4-Inch Silicone Egg Ring, Red Heart:
This Heart Shaped Egg Ring is made of non-stick, heat resistant (up to 428°F-220°C), and and BPA free silicone and is top rack dishwasher safe. This also doesn't scratch your pans like the metal egg rings. It is wonderful for making 4-inch diameter heart shaped eggs (use large or extra large eggs) and pancakes! These work better to if you make sure the Trudeau logo is right side up because the lip on one side is thicker than the other and it is easily flipped around. The thicker edge on the bottom helps with keeping the egg and pancake inside the ring. Also, since it is 4-inches it is slightly too big for a piece of bread or English muffin. The adjustable, metal bar grip handle is great so that you can lift the ring up without burnt fingers after one side is done to be able to flip the egg or pancake over. It also swings around so that you can place it flat in a drawer. 5 year warranty. - MSRP $5.99

Set of 3 Chocolate Silicone Molds, Heart Shaped:
These chocolate heart molds have 15 cavities each and come in a set of 3 in different colors. They are made from flexible, heat resistant  (up to 428°F-220°C), and BPA free European grade silicone that is easy to clean and are top rack dishwasher safe. These effortlessly release the chocolate from each heart shaped cavity. Great for making chocolates, ice hearts, gelatin/homemade fruit snacks/gummies, candies, small candle/wax crayon melts, soap samples, etc. I used my double broiler pot to melt the dark chocolate melts and butterscotch chips. I had fun experimenting and swirled the two in some, layered them in others, and put red hots in some of them too. My kids had fun helping as well. These are super easy to use. Approx mold size; 2.5cm/1" diameter each x 1.5cm/0.5" deep. – MSRP $11.99

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What fun -- these are great ideas, and the heart products make this just perfect for a Valentine's Day treat! I'm going to check out Trudeau products. Thanks for introducing me to them.