Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Planet Friendly Diet Book Review and Giveaway

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A part of my New Year's Resolution is getting my family to eat a lot healthier. This is a huge undertaking, let me tell you! My husband and kids have been less than cooperative with the changes I have tried implementing in the past few weeks. When I go grocery shopping with my husband he usually breaks down and buys something unhealthy. I have been trying to change my family's habits, but habits are very hard to break!

Enter, The Planet Friendly Diet by Cat Smiley, a book about getting back to healthy over the course of 21 days. This is how many days it usually takes to create good habits. You may be thinking to yourself why does a skinny lady like me need a weight loss book?? Well Cat's book is really more than just a weight loss book. I need all the help I can get to stay a healthy weight since usually I am considered underweight by physicians and I really do need to eat healthier and exercise more. This book is chocked full of helpful advice and hints to get you well on your way to a healthier, happier lifestyle. It is based on a gluten, wheat, dairy and meat free diet. Some suggestions with recipes in the book do involve fish, with a totally vegetarian option also available. The Planet Friendly Diet is a cleansing program that resets and replenishes without resorting to fasting, hunger, or deprivation. It basically consists of drinking 4 liters of clean water a day - 2 liters before noon and 2 more before 5pm, having a super smoothie for breakfast (or alternative breakfast listed) and super smoothie for lunch, a sensible dinner with healthy ingredients, and nutritious snacks in between. All of this should add up to about 1200 calories per day.

The recipes for the dinners all sound delicious and not at all bland. They usually consist of fish or tofu (these are used instead of red meat and poultry). She also uses beans, brown rice, quinoa, dairy free yogurts/cheese/milk, veggies/mushrooms cooked in veggie broth, and lemon/herbs/garlic/spices/homemade salsa/etc. to season and flavor her recipes. Each single portion recipe has a lovely photograph of the completed meal, is under 500 calories, takes 20 minutes or less to prepare, and costs less than $5.

I love that The Planet Friendly Diet book includes a lot more than recipes and nutrition information. It has a total of 63 tips to help start you out on this journey and make things easier. These tips include information on what to do to get started, basics, hydration, fruit & veggies, grains & fiber, eggs & dairy, meat & fish, salt & sugar, and how to keep going after the 21 days have ended. There are blank lined diary pages to fill out for each of the 21 days with weight, goals, notes, what you ate for each meal and snack with cost and time taken, estimated calories eaten, and how much water you consumed. Weekly shopping lists are also included for the 21 days to ensure zero-waste.

This is a great 21 day guide to sustainable weight loss and optimal health. I do feel that in addition to a physical exercise routine The Planet Friendly Diet book would be the perfect melding of disciplines. If you stick to the plan and don't stray you will be well on your way to a beneficial lifestyle in 21 days.


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andrea v said...

My goal is to include more fish in my diet and less red meat. I would love to read what tips they have.

Sarah Sobocinski said...

I love salmon so any more ideas for recipes I can get would expect awesome. We get canned salmon on the WIC program

Mary T said...

Over the last year, I have gained a few pounds due to a back injury and a broken foot. My diet has changed from nutritious food, to whatever was easier to prepare. It's time to get back on track and eat right!