Monday, August 3, 2015

Baby Strong Workout: Mom & Baby Exercise Cards on Kickstarter

Okay moms…can you relate to this? New moms may have every intention to hit the gym, attend a class, go for a run, or pop in a DVD and workout at home...but things don't always work out this way with a new baby. When we heard about this new mom invention launching on Kickstarter, we just had to share with you! Baby Strong Workout is the solution for every new mom to feel good again...all you need is mom + baby! Make sure to scroll below to help spread the word about Baby Strong in two simple steps. Baby Strong Workout is a fun, effective and inexpensive workout option that helps moms of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels feel strong, healthy, happy and confident.

  • Deck of workout cards held together with a teething ring link
  • Includes individual exercise cards and a series of pre-made workouts (do one-off exercises, put together your own workout or try the pre-made ones)
  • Baby Safe: chew, drool and baby-friendly material used for cards
  • Text and photo instructions included for each exercise
  • Follow pre-made workouts or customize your own

  • Workout with ONLY mom + baby!
  • No gym, no classes, no special equipment
  • Created for moms of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels
  • Helps moms feel strong, healthy, happy, and confident
  • Fun, effective, and inexpensive workout for moms
  • Mommy Care + Baby Care
  • No Tears. No Guilt.
Could you help our friends over at Baby Strong Workout spread the word? Here are two simple steps:

Step 1:
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Head over to the Baby Strong Workout website to learn more and if you think this is a great idea your pre-order on Kickstarter is much appreciated!

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: Thanks to PR for sending me this information for this post. I will be getting a free deck of Baby Strong Workout: Mom & Baby Exercise Cards for posting. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this post.


Camille Dangerfield said...

Very cool! Headed over to kickstarter to pledge.

One note that I always like to mention to moms before starting a workout routine is to check your belly for diastasis recti (abdominal separation) before doing any type of crunches or planks. Unfortunately, I didn't know better and did the wrong exercises for months after I had my 2nd baby. Just now getting on track with closing the gap and restoring my core.

Koti Deva said...

A simple workout at home can build you a strong body, thanks for providing info about how to work out at home