Monday, October 10, 2011

In Search of a Unicorn Hat

I have been searching the internet for a unicorn hat ever since my daughter wanted to be a My Little Pony for Halloween. My friend, Erin, over at Connected2Christ blog just loom knitted her daughter a very cute unicorn hat. Erin calls it a Yarn-I-corn hat, LOL! Anyway, I just got some Knifty Knitter looms for knitting on, but haven't yet got into it quite yet on my own. Since I am just starting out and still learning I asked Erin if she could loom knit my daughter a unicorn hat before Halloween this year. Erin told me that she wanted to further perfect the pattern and probably couldn't get it perfected and loom knitted until after this Halloween. I thought that was fine and told my 3 year old daughter. Teela decided that she would be Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast this year instead because we had the gown already and she had just grown into it.

So, I thought that was that and I was done shopping around for a unicorn hat. Today though I stumbled upon a sale at MODNIQUE for Rumi Collection By Violet Del Mar Hats. They have animal and other hats that would be wonderful for Halloween! I really couldn't pass them up at 61% Off! That's only $19 per hat!! I broke down and bought the unicorn one and the orca whale one. There are so many other animals and things to choose from though there is sure to be one you like too! Just go to the sale at MODNIQUE and go up to the ACCESSORIES pull down menu to the Rumi Collection By Violet Del Mar Hats. is a boutique flash sale site. Members save 50-85% or more on hand-picked designer merchandise. Modnique sells apparel, accessories, shoes, home goods, and other premium quality brand name products at steep discounts.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I wrote this blog post because I thought you might be interested in taking part of this sale. I bought two hats from it and thought I would share the savings. By clicking on the Modnique links in this post and signing up to be a member I can get money for referring you if you spend $100 or more.

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