Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Boost Review

When Tatiana was little I wanted a seat that she could sit in independently and since she was a special needs child I needed something that helped promote proper posture while she sat. I looked at both the Bumbo and bebePOD. Both were very basic floor sitter seats for babies when I first was looking. There were great things said about both, but I personally went with the original bebePOD because the reviews I read said that the leg openings on the Bumbo were smaller and so a chubby baby wouldn't be as comfortable in it. Tatiana was already 2 years old when I decided to get it for her so I wanted something that would last a while.

The bebePOD that they have designed now has more features than the one I bought for Tatiana back then. Both my daughters Tatiana and Teela used the original bebePOD in lavender and pink. I held onto it for my daughter Zari because I loved it for them. The makers of bebePOD, Prince Lionheart, has upgraded the version I had to also have a safety harness so the child won't wiggle out of it...something I think that is a very smart upgrade that Bumbo has never done.

They also have different versions now on their website, the new ├╝ber deluxe version they call their new bebePOD Flex Plus. It has the benefit of being a booster seat and a floor sitter with a tray and toy thrown into the mix! The only thing is the new bebePOD Flex Plus can get quite expensive! While searching for a good friend about information of how the bebePOD was different from the Bumbo I came across a review on Amazon.com for the new bebePOD Flex that said you can find a cheaper price on OneStepAhead.com. What the review didn't say was that these were two slightly different Prince Lionheart products. The one on the Prince Lionheart website conveyed as being a new product to their line is called the bebePOD Flex and then the one that is a Prince Lionheart OneStepAhead.com exclusive is called a bebePOD Boost.

Here is the breakdown in plain English about the products and prices (prices current to this post date):
bebePOD: Baby floor seat with a safety harness and removable pommel (allows you to “upgrade” seat with accessory packages that include a tray, placemat and toy). "NEW & IMPROVED" from the original I had. Price USD $39.99.
bebePOD Plus: Has everything that the bebePOD offers, plus adjustable tray with 2 reusable placemats and an attachable toy specially designed by Sassy. Price USD $46.00.
bebePOD Flex: Has everything that the bebePOD offers, plus you can also use it as a booster seat because of back and lower straps that can mount it to a chair. Price USD $46.00.
bebePOD Flex Plus: Has everything that the bebePOD Flex offers, plus adjustable tray with a reusable placemat and an attachable toy specially designed by Sassy. Price USD $60.00.
bebePOD Boost: Available exclusively through OneStepAhead.com! Has everything that the bebePOD Flex Plus offers, plus a hard shell base that the soft seat sits in for more stability on surfaces. Price USD $49.95 Now: $24.95!!
bebePOD Accessory Kit: Adjustable tray with a reusable placemat. Price USD $12.99.
bebePOD Deluxe Kit: Adjustable tray with a reusable placemat, interactive pat mat and a Sassy toy. Price USD $24.99.

Differences of the bebePOD and Bumbo:
bebePOD: smooth surface, removable pummel in the newer versions, safety harness in the newer versions, leg openings larger than Bumbo & can come with chair mounting straps, tray, placemat, and toy.
Bumbo: bumpy surface, one piece construction, tighter fit in leg areas, dips a bit lower than bebePOD, easy to clean because of the one piece construction & can come with tray.

Also, I wanted to mention that if you already have a Bumbo then you can get these adorable covers for it on Etsy so that the non-breathable foam that the Bumbo is made of won't stick to your babies skin and they're machine washable! Something else too...I saw a stand for the Bumbo that I had never seen before...check it out!

Anyway, I ended up buying a bebePOD Boost for Zari even though I had an original bebePOD because I wanted one that could be used as a booster seat too and the price was way too good to pass up! I am sure you will agree. We received the seat and absolutely love it! It is everything I had hoped for and very portable. I can take it with us while traveling to have a floor seat and booster on hand when Zari needs one too!

***UPDATE 6/2011: This product and price is no longer available on OneStepAhead.com. Shop around though, you might find it at a good price somewhere else.

***UPDATE 2013: The bebePOD Boost that is now listed on the Prince Lionheart website does not currently come with the tray, mat and toys. However; they now have a bebePOD Boost + that is exactly what I purchased in early 2011. Go here to see the list of bebePODs and current pricing at their store online.

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I bought this product myself and liked it so much I wanted to review it and let my readers know about the fabulous price for it on OneStepAhead.com. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. No free product or monetary exchange took place.

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