Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Once upon a Swingset

The picture above is how part of my backyard looked right after we moved in to the house we live in now. We have a fairly good size backyard, but when we moved in there were locust bushes and unkempt yard as far as the eye can see. We enlisted the help of some LDS missionaries that were enthusiastic about helping us somehow and created a giant burn pile so big that you could not see the neighbor's house that was on the side of us. We made a lot of progress since then on both our yard and house and our backyard now looks like a yard should not a jungle.

When we moved in we had a swing set in our backyard. It was the first swing set we had actually owned as a family and it came with the house which was a neat added extra bonus for my children. As time went by the swing set in our backyard became unsafe and unfortunately had to be demolished and hauled away. It was really fun while it lasted, but since it had been used previously and neglected by the previous owners it needed more TLC than we wanted to give it. We had some very happy times and fond memories on it, but we have moved on and we hope to get another to replace it someday. Since its demise I have been on the lookout for new backyard swing sets. Maybe someday we will finally find one to suit us.

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