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All Join In by Kenny Loggins Review

I was given the opportunity to get, listen to, and then review the pre-release of Kenny Loggins' new CD All Join In. I was anxious to get it in the mail and give it a listen because I really enjoyed his album 'Return to Pooh Corner' and 'More Songs from Pooh Corner'. I love music that is wholesome and great for kids as well as adults and this CD was just that.

The first song, Underneath the Same Sky, is from the album and movie Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too of the animated TV series from Playhouse Disney, My Friends Tigger and Pooh. Its lyrics sort of remind me of the song Somewhere Out There from the animated movie An American Tail. Both songs tell that even though we are far apart we are underneath the same sky and feel closer together because of this. I love the harmonica in this one. Here is the Kenny Loggins - Underneath The Same Sky Music Video.

The next song, All Together Now, is one you've probably heard sung by the Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the movie Yellow Submarine. This is Kenny Loggins fun take on the Beatles' classic.

The third song, You Got A Friend In Me, is Randy Newman's theme for Disney's animated movie Toy Story. No offense to Randy Newman, but I like Kenny's vocals better on this one. Just my opinion though.

The forth song, Two Of Us, is another Beatles song you have probably heard sung by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Kenny got to sing it with his pal Jimmy Messina who he hadn't sung with in 30 years on a record. Well overdue I would say!

The fifth song, Come Go With Me, is a "Doo-Wop" song sung by the Del Vikings before my time. Even though this song was before my time I often heard it while sitting in the backseat of my parents car when I was little. It is an oldie, but a goodie! Kenny sings it well :)

The sixth song, There Is a Mountain, is an upbeat catchy song. I love the great imagery in it where the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Kenny sings with his youngest daughter of just 11 years, Hana. Here is the Kenny Loggins - There Is A Mountain Music Video. Here is
the making of There Is A Mountain Music Video.

The seventh song, The Puppy Song, gives a voice to children everywhere that have ever wanted a dog. Kenny sings this with his daughter, Bella.

The eighth song, You Can All Join In, is a great upbeat song that you really want to clap to. It is where Kenny got the title of this album. Kenny Loggins is appropriately joined by the song's writer and former Traffic member, Dave Mason.

The ninth song, Gandhi/Buddha, is written and originally sung by Cheryl Wheeler. Kenny intends this to be a song sung about the feelings of parents for their it says in the song, "I must have done something right to get to have you.". This song could be interpreted different ways, just try to see it as Kenny intended it.

The tenth song, Long Tailed Cat, is a song written by Kenny and is featuring Leon Russell and Kenny's sons, Cody and Luke. It has a Dixie feel to it and a great New Orleans beat.

The eleventh song, Your Lollipop, is based heavily upon the 2007 hit song, "Lollipop" by Mika. It is sung on this album by Kenny and a nine year old named Matthew Schaeman. This song has a great way of getting stuck in ones head!

The twelfth song, Moose 'n Me, is written by Kenny and is a heartwarming song about his first dog. In the background his eldest son Crosby scats and does some solo work throughout the song.

The thirteenth song, 1234, is writen by Leslie Feist and Sally Saltmann. I love this song and Kenny does a great version with his daughter Hana singing while jumping rope! On a slightly different note I have to share the Feist Sesame Street version with you because it is also very fun!

If you go here you can print some things for the kids to color and some All Join In bookmarks.

All Join In is not available to purchase until 12/28/2009 (according to Walmart). In the meantime put it on your wishlist and go listen to some of the songs on the album all the way through.

Kenny Loggins and his musical partner Jim Messina will embark on a national tour August 20.

For the latest news, tour dates and info check out, Facebook and Twitter.

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Good review Crystal, a lot of the songs I had never heard before.