Sunday, August 16, 2009

Je’Marie Scarlett and Box Tops' "Top This" Prize Pack Giveaway Winners

The winner of the Je’Marie Scarlett is #5 gahome2mom! gahome2mom said that she would like to win the skulls for her daughter. She likes the wildflowers.

The winner of the Box Tops' "Top This" Prize Pack is post #2 Tamara B.! She said her favorite thing about the first day of school is the piece and quiet. Her tweens aren't in the house arguing :)

Congrats to them both! I will contact the winners by email. Thanks to all those who participated and don't forget to enter in my contests/giveaways that are going on now! I will also be adding more posts and giveaways soon so stay tuned!

*All winners are chosen by my True Random Number Generator.


gahome2mom said...

Thanks. I guess I need a purse hook to go with it soon. lol Thanks for the great giveaways. We look forwards to getting our prize.

I don't have any giveaways on my blogs right now. I have BlogSpark but all they ask me to do is vote on new magazine covers. I get a few reviews from but no giveaways and barely any samples.(They mostly want to offer a code for a discount on my blog to the readers.) What's new with you? lol

Finamoon said...

Blogspark has sent me free copies of the magazines I have voted for and I received one spark from them so far for the Box Tops. Hang in there companies will come searching you out. Yeah, Chic Execs policy change basically dumped on a lot of blogs not being able to get reviews because of their google rank.

I like MomSelect, Mom Fuse Alerts, Twitter Moms Rambo Alerts, One2One, Momfluence, etc. These get me the most to review.

I am just trying to keep afloat with everything that's going on in my life right now. It is busy as usual and never a dull moment.