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Guitar 360 Method Review

Affiliate links may be in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog. I had the privilege of trying the Semester 1 Bundle (including 5 weeks of Absolute Beginner bonus content + the 13 weeks of Semester 1) from Guitar 360 Method for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Homeschool Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

The Guitar 360 Method is an online guitar video course taught by Krisz Simonfalvi. Krisz started playing guitar at age 6, played for 6 years, but never got into it until in his late teens because his teacher never taught him how to understand the instrument. He has since toured with bands, recorded in studios, and produced his own music. Krisz has a unique approach to teaching guitar that he started teaching others in 2009. He has mentored hundreds of students in North America and Europe, ages 4-74. He has taught everyone from the absolute beginner to the professional and everything in between. In 2016 he started teaching at Visible Music College and launched the Guitar 360 Method in 2017. He is expecting to be putting out more courses in 2019, such as Keys 360 Method, Drums 360 Method, etc.

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The Semester 1 Bundle includes 5 weeks of Absolute Beginner bonus content plus 13 weeks of instruction in Semester 1. This is an online course, not a subscription, so the content doesn't expire. This content is best for those ages 15 and up and is especially good for those that have personal desire and drive to want to learn guitar. This course is perfect for kids who want to play in a band or write their own music. It is great for those that are absolute beginners to guitar players that might have been playing for a while, but want to understand better what they are doing. This course builds musical confidence, freedom, and creativity. Krisz is working with Visible Music College to get Dual Accreditation for Home Schoolers for this course (available 2019).

Krisz's unique approach to teaching this course is built around non-linear, Cyclical Pedagogy, so that all of the knowledge acquired connects to everything else that the student is learning. This is not just learning the songs or just guitar musical theory. The lessons build upon the last and provide the information again, but a more in depth version.

Free Guitar Course for Beginners Week 1 Overview and Layout. These lessons are check marked once done.

In the Absolute Beginner bonus content (free guitar course for beginners + songs) you will get comfortable with the guitar, how it works, how you play basic notes on it. After completing the beginners course there are two bonus songs you get to learn as well, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and "Rejoice" by Israel Houghton. The bonus lessons parts are based on the songs sections, for example: introduction & verse, pre-chorus, chorus, practice, and performance.

Bonus Song Lesson #1 Overview and Layout.

Overview of FREE Guitar Course for Beginners:
  • Week 1 - Basics: Parts of Guitar, Left Hand, Right Hand, Tuning, 4-Finger Warm Up, etc.
  • Week 2 - First Chords and Strumming Patterns
  • Week 3 - Everything Learned into Playing Our First Song
  • Week 4 - Bonus Song Lesson #1
  • Week 5 - Bonus Song Lesson #2

Semester 1 Week 1 Overview and Layout.

In the Semester 1 course you learn more music theory, how to combine notes together, and creating your own music. Semester 1 students go from beginner level to playing confidently in any key, anywhere on the neck in the 13 weeks of instruction.

Overview of Semester 1:
  • Week 1 - Learn Fundamental Chord Shapes and a Textural, 16th Note Approach to Strumming
  • Week 2 - Learn Basic Music Theory
  • Week 3 - Learn the First Scale, Foundational Element in Practical Music Theory, & Improvised Solos
  • Week 4 - Adding Texture and Variety to Rhythm Guitar Playing
  • Week 5 - Adding the Minor Scale & String Bending
  • Week 6 - Chords, Chord Progression and Musical Keys
  • Week 7 - Application of Understanding Intervals, Chords and Scales (G Key)
  • Week 8 - Extending Rhythm Guitar Range and Tonal Options
  • Week 9 - Learning to Play Any Key
  • Week 10 - Playing Scales (Melodies) in a Variety of Approaches Across the First 12 Frets
  • Week 11 - Apply All Knowledge From Previous Lessons in Any Key, Any Situation
  • Week 12 - Final Rhythm Guitar Practice Week (Available Soon)
  • Week 13 - Final Lead Guitar Practice Week (Available Soon) 

Me learning with Krisz and the Guitar 360 Method.

How I Used This and My Thoughts:

I had been given a really nice used Starcaster Fender Guitar a long while ago and it unfortunately has just been collecting dust just sitting because I hadn't had the time to actually learn how to play it. When I learned that the Homeschool Review Crew was reviewing Guitar 360 Method I was very interested. I was super excited to try these lessons and since they are online and never expire I can take all the time I need to learn. Also, after I learn, my children can also since we only have the one guitar.

I started with the beginners course because that is what I am with the guitar. I have had previous music lessons with learning on a violin and singing. Guitar, I learned, is very different from the violin. Although the steel strings of my guitar didn't hurt my fingers because I am used to playing a violin, I did have to get used to holding the guitar and placing my fingers on frets, which since my hands are small is a bit of a challenge reaching them all.

Me practicing my warm-ups 🎸 and posing for a quick picture 😀

I loved that all of the courses are divided out into smaller lessons. These bite size video lessons are about 2-7 minutes long. This is so you can go back and find a section easily instead of having to rewind through a long video to find it. I regularly went back and forth through the lessons to practice a section more so I could perfect it or to help me remember something better. I found that I really enjoyed these short videos better than really long ones. In the beginners course you even get to learn how to play "No One" by Alicia Keys on guitar. After each lesson you can either mark it as completed or it does once you have watched the whole video. You can see this with orange check marks beside the lessons you have completed.

I did look ahead to see whet Semester 1 has in store for me. In these weekly courses they each have a goal at the beginning and practice at the end. Some of them also have listening by ear lessons and quizzes too. The content will expand your learning even more about how to play better on the guitar.

I still need a lot of work and practice getting up to speed and skill on the warm-ups and chords before I am going to try to delve into the lessons deeper, but I am getting better at getting fingering and strumming down and I can hear my progress happening. Krisz is a very thorough teacher and his methods have been very rewarding to my learning guitar. I am very excited to further my guitar music education with Semester 1 once I feel I am ready.

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The regular price of the Guitar 360 Method is $149, which includes the 3-week Beginners' Course, Semester 1 (13 weeks long), and the 2 Bonus Song mini-courses.

Kris Simonfalvi, the instructor and author of these guitar lessons, is offering a discount to my blog readers, 20% off the same lessons we reviewed! Just use the coupon code HOMESCHOOL20 when you check out. With the Coupon Code, your investment will be only $119.20 for 10+ hours of video content!

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