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Heirloom Audio Productions In the Reign of Terror Review

My family had the privilege of trying the In the Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio Productions for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Homeschool Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

My family and I love audio books! We love to listen to them while: I am multitasking, we have a long drive ahead of us, or there is cruddy weather and we are stuck inside. My family usually enjoys them better if they are fun and adventuresome. I believe they are better than movies because audio books require more imagination which is great for growing minds.

In the Reign of Terror is Heirloom Audio's 7th dramatization which is adapted from a novel by George Alfred Henty. G.A. Henty authored many historical fiction novels in the late 1800's and early 1900's, including In the Reign of Terror in 1888. All seven Christian audio dramas are from Heirloom Audio's series known as The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty. This audio production and theatrical radio drama consists of 2 and a half hours of masterful storytelling on 2 CDs recommended for ages 6-adult. I cannot say enough good things about this. Really, the presentation is very extraordinary! It brings the history to life.

This audio theater follows 16 year old Harry to France where he is visiting a family there to help their children with their English and studies. His stay there turns dark when the French Revolution flares up. As he tries to survive and rescue the family that lovingly took him in as their own. They face trials and tribulations including the guillotine for no other than the "crime" then their noble lineage. This audio adventure is heart-wrenching because of all the spelt blood of the innocent. I am glad to find out that in the end there is hope and that pride does not prevail against hope and courage in the hands of God.

inside the case to In the Reign of Terror audio theater

I had some definite favorite parts of the Christian radio theatre. Harry was so brave and he put his life on the line to save part of the ST Caux family. The part where Harry was rescuing Marie is my absolute favorite... Marie sees Harry and exclaims his name...only to catch herself and instead say, "So hairy, you should have shaved before picking me up!". My family laughed at this part.

Along with the 2 CD audio theater set I also received many other awesome package bonus downloads. The 2 CD set also has a list of the cast on the back of the case, a pamphlet insert that has a bit about Heirloom Audio's other audio dramas, and in the center under where the pamphlet goes is the quote, “What man intends for evil, God intends for good.”. This inspirational quote also comes as a digital download so you can print it out as a poster to put on your wall.

In the Reign of Terror Single Package includes:
  • In the Reign of Terror (CD Set - Physical Copy + Instant Access MP3 Download)

Adventure Progress
  • Chapter 1 – Mr. George in Arlington 
  • Chapter 2 – Journey to France 
  • Chapter 3 – Monsieur de Tillet 
  • Chapter 4 – The St. Caux Chateau 
  • Chapter 5 – Dog Attack 
  • Chapter 6 – The Wolf Hunt 
  • Chapter 7 – Dark News from Paris 
  • Chapter 8 – April, 1792 
  • Chapter 9 – All Is Lost 
  • Chapter 10 – Escaping the Mob 
  • Chapter 11 – Planning and Praying 
  • Chapter 12 – A Turn for the Worse 
  • Chapter 13 – The Courtroom 
  • Chapter 14 – Anguish and Exhaustion 
  • Chapter 15 – Robespierre 
  • Chapter 16 – Marie’s Release 
  • Chapter 17 – Arrival in Nantes 
  • Chapter 18 – Arrested 
  • Chapter 19 – Guilty 
  • Chapter 20 – The Voyage de Galiot 
  • Chapter 21 – Home Again 
  • Chapter 22 – Poetic Justice

I want to also mention that Heirloom Audio was being generous to the Homeschool Review Crew that received this for review. We received additional bonuses other than that were supposed to be in the Single Package. The additional items are only available if you purchase the Live the Adventure Club. Right now you can get a FREE 3 Months Membership + Captain Bayley's Heir - 2-CD Set for only $1!! Go to the website for more details.

The Homeschool Review Crew that received this for review received all of the above and these additional bonuses:
  • In the Reign of Terror (Listen Online)
  • In the Reign of Terror Study Guide (Read Online, Digital Download) 
  • In the Reign of Terror Soundtrack (Listen Online, MP3 Download coming soon) 
  • Printable copy of the Inspirational Quote Poster (Digital Download) 
  • In the Reign of Terror eBook (Digital Download)
  • In the Reign of Terror Cast Poster (Digital Download)
  • In the Reign of Terror Desktop Wallpaper (Digital Download)
  • In the Reign of Terror Official Script (Digital Download)

The all-star cast in this audio book is expansive and amazing. Some of the cast consists of Brian Blessed as G.A. Henty (Star Wars, Tarzan, Robin Hood, King Lear), John Rhys-Davies as The Marquis De St Caux (The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones), Jack Farthing as Victor (Poldark), Cathy Sara as Madame Moulin (Downton Abbey), Christina Greatrex as The Dowager Marquise De St Caux (The Royal Shakespeare Company), and Jill Freud as Agnes Besson (C.S. Lewis at War). It is always great to hear the boisterous voice of Brian Blessed on these productions. All of the cast's performances are wonderful! The character building is wonderful too as long as you can keep up.

I love the music and sound effects that accompany this program. The music that is used on the CDs is adventurous and is also by itself in soundtrack form as Listen Online and soon MP3 downloads. It is an original score by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell (of Narnia). The Foley sound effects make you feel like you are right there with the characters and immerses you more into what's happening.

There is also a study guide that is 43 pages long. It has discussion points and questions to ask your children as they listen to the radio theater. This is wonderful to use as part of a history curriculum while homeschooling. It is really easier to listen to the whole program before you do the study guide and then listen again a second time to do the study guide, in my opinion. It feels awkward to stop and start the program so many times (every 4 to 10 minutes) during play. The study guide does have the tracks and time-stamp to stop at marked in the guide so you know where the narrative takes a new turn.

At the beginning of the study guide there is a list of the cast and crew, a brief introduction, and short descriptions about G.A. Henty, Maximilien Robespierre, and Marie Antoinette. Each track has questions in the study guide having three parts: Listening Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words. There are questions in the Listening Well section which are to see if you and your child are really paying attention. There are questions in the Thinking Further section that helps you understand deeper and get you and your child thinking more. The Defining Words section is a list of words that will enhance the vocabulary of your child and places more meaning for the story. Having a dictionary handy might be appropriate because the definitions are not already spelled out.

At the end of the study guide there are five main parts. The first is a recommended reading list for learning more about the French Revolution. After that there are three Bible Studies: one on When God Means Evil For Good, one on Resistance to Tyranny, and one on True Manliness. Lastly there is some historical background for The Reign of Terror.

My children learned and understood so much more with this study guide. We used the questions and Bible study section throughout and it made for a very lengthy, but interesting discussion session with my older kids. I am very glad that it was included. I love the scriptures it had you look up and ponder too. I also love that there were Expand Your Learning sections throughout the guide for sources for further reading and other information to further your knowledge. I do wish, however, that there was an answer guide as well to the questions, because it would make the whole thing flow better in my opinion.

This was a very good production and my family enjoyed listening to it thoroughly. Even in the face of adversity and death the main characters knew that trusting in God would help them through. This audio book would be a wonderful addition to a Christian homeschooling curriculum and perfect to go along with a study about the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis XVI, Maximilien Robespierre, Marie Antoinette, and/or France.

Two options to choose from: MP3 Download version for $19.97 or the Single Version for $29.97.

You can also purchase the Live the Adventure Club in which you get access to listen & learn audio adventures, parenting resources and daily inspiration, teaching guides and educational treasures, award winning audio adventures shipped to you free, and great learning activities for kids. Get a FREE 3 Months Membership + Captain Bayley's Heir - 2-CD Set for only $1!!

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