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ArtAchieve Entire Level II Review

My family had the privilege of trying the Entire Level II from ArtAchieve for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Homeschool Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

ArtAchieve is produced by John Hofland (a teacher of art, language arts and theatrical stage design) has online art lessons that teach anyone to become an artist or how to teach art regardless of previous instruction or knowledge. John bases these art workshops on unique things he has seen in his family's many travels all across the globe.

ArtAchieve Entire Level II Art Classes

The Entire Level II bundle has fourteen distinct lessons that we received and a brand new fifteenth lesson that was added after we signed up. These start from a beginners level. Even the most novice won't have any trouble starting here. These lessons have a lesson description page that is located on their website (under Art Lessons, Art Classes: Level II in the pull down menu, and click on each lesson picture) that tells you about the lesson, list of supplies needed, suggestions for cross-curricular connections to explore, and the estimated time to complete the lessons.

ArtAchieve Entire Level II Parts

The majority of these lessons have 4 parts that you can see under your account in ArtAchieve after purchasing: warmup, PowerPoint of the lesson, video of the lesson, and a printout of the drawing. The warmup basically lets you take a square of lines and copy it to your best ability into a blank square that is under it. The PowerPoint of the lesson goes into more depth about the object or art that the lesson is based on and a little bit about the country/culture it is from. The video of the lesson has the list of needed supplies for the artwork, tips to help you draw, and a how to explaining how to draw it line by line. All the art is open to creative interpretation, but there is the drawing printout to help you visualize what the final art should look similar to.

The Entire Level II bundle is composed up of these lessons:
  • Lesson 1: The Swedish Dala Horse (suitable for grades 3-adult)
  • Lesson 2: The Korean Wedding Duck (suitable for grades 4-adult)
  • Lesson 3: The Japanese Goldfish (suitable for all ages)
  • Lesson 4: The Elephant from Ghana (suitable for all ages)
  • Lesson 5: The Ukrainian Cat (suitable for grades 3-adult)
  • Lesson 6: The German Nutcracker (suitable for grades 4-adult)
  • Lesson 7: The Sri Lankan Landscape with an Elephant (suitable for grades 2-6)
  • Lesson 8: Tessellations: Repeating a Pattern to Create Original Art (??suitable for grades 1-adult)
  • Lesson 9: The Ukrainian Rooster (suitable for grades 3-adult)
  • Lesson 10: Hiding Butterflies (suitable for grades 2-adult)
  • Lesson 11: The Mexican Mask (suitable for grades 4-adult)
  • Lesson 12: The Russian Fortress--Color Value and Analogous Colors (suitable for grades 3-adult)
  • Lesson 13: The Polish Szopka (suitable for grades 3-adult)
  • Lesson 14: The Mermaid from Denmark (suitable for grades 3-adult)
  • Lesson 15: The Weaving from Thailand  (brand new art lesson we did not get)

Teela and Zari doing art with ArtAchieve Entire Level II.

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

This is our second time with ArtAchieve and we love their homeschool art curriculum! We did the ArtAchieve Entire Level I experience last year and loved it so much that we wanted to do the Entire Level II this year. I had my girls who are 6 and 9 do the: Swedish Dala Horse, Korean Wedding Duck, Japanese Goldfish, and Elephant from Ghana so far. We have been enjoying the art lessons for kids and adults. My daughters had a lot of fun with this art and especially loved that they could follow the directions and then decorate and color/paint it how they wanted to. I love how differently the art came out for the same lesson. They are all so unique.

I love that you do not have to buy a lot of art supplies to do the ArtAchieve lessons. The 4 we did required a #4 & #6 round watercolor paintbrush, watercolor paper, multiple colors of bottled acrylic paints, a fine tipped black magic marker, masking tape, 2 sheets of color laser glossy paper, and washable markers. I used one of my cups for rinsing brushes and a plate for a palette and we just did our art on our wooden table so we didn't need the Masonite for a painting board. All of these things I already had lying around and in our art supplies at home.

There were a few things that would have made ArtAchieve even better. The lesson description page that I mentioned above would have been great if it also was available in downloadable PDF format so that we could easily access it offline too and also could print it out. Having the age or grade levels each lesson is suitable for on the lesson description would also be helpful. I also noticed that three of the lessons (Korean Wedding Duck, Ukrainian Rooster, Russian Fortress) did not have a downloadable/printable drawing/warmup. The videos and PowerPoints are not downloadable either, so we cannot view them offline. I wish we could have unlimited access to the art lessons purchased without expiration. These things would have made it better since our internet connection is slow.

ArtAchieve Entire Level II Art

These drawing lessons for kids and adults are very educational. They are packed with a lot of neat information about geography, social studies, history, science, literature, writing, music, cooking, etc. in the extra cross-curricular connections and art lessons themselves. We loved learning not only the art, but about the culture and countries represented as well.

I highly recommend ArtAchieve art lessons to anyone that wants to learn to draw or needs a great homeschool art curriculum! These classes are a wonderful way to learn. They are great for all ages.

In addition to Level II, there are four more levels. Level I is appropriate for ages 5 and up, Level II for ages 7 and up, Level III for ages 9 and up, and Level IV for 10 and above, although if you are a beginner at art you might want to start with Level I. These can be bought separately, together, or even as individual lessons. If you buy individual levels you will be saving money as a whole than buying the lessons separately. The cost of purchasing all the lessons in Level II individually is $75. By purchasing the Entire Level II bundle you save $18.22, and pay only $56.78, or just $3.78 per art lesson. This gives you 1 year license.

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