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Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer by Peggy Consolver Book Review

My family had the privilege of trying the Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer from Peggy Consolver - Author for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool Bible study curriculum. This is a Homeschool Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family. Affiliate links may be in this posting. Thanks for supporting my blog.

Peggy Consolver is the author to Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer. She was wanting to write about the Gibeonites of Joshua 9 and 10 from the Bible. In 2010 she received the fantastic opportunity to go to the city of Khiret el-Maqatir, Israel on an 18 day archaeological excavation with a team of archeologists from Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) and people like herself who volunteered to become amateur archeologists. This city meets the most criteria for being the Biblical city Ai from the Old Testament. She learned a lot on her trip there and what she experienced there brought her story to life. Here is a little more about her trip in her words.

Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer is a story that takes place in Gibeon, a Canaanite city north of Jerusalem. This story is told through the eyes of a thirteen year old Canaanite shepherd boy named Keshub as he: braves predators that want to harm his flock, learns the skills of a warrior, deals with the persecution from bullying and sibling rivalry, and proves himself among his older brothers. A shepherd and a potter's son, he wishes he could travel and see the world full of adventure like the caravanners that stop and tell of things beyond his small valley. Keshub has to make some crucial decisions on what to do, who to help, and what he actually believes. These decisions shape his life and who he becomes. This book follows Joshua's biblical story of the Hebrew/Israelite invasion and conquest of Canaan from the totally new perspective and point of view of the Gibeonites who by deception and trickery survive the attack.

Book, scripture, and bookmark.

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

I am not as well versed in the Bible as I would like to be and this story, even though not new to me, was needing a refresher. So, I was grateful that the bookmark which came with my copy of the book and the back of the cover of the book gave reference to the particular scriptures and verses in the Bible that I needed to re-read for background. The parts I remembered of the story was Joshua leading the Israelite people to the Promised Land/Canaan while eating manna in the desert along the way and the Battle of Jericho where the wall came down with the sound of trumpets from the army. I didn't remember the story of the Gibeonites very well and so I am glad I read Joshua 9 and 10 before reading Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer by Peggy Consolver.

There are some neat extras to go along with this book. At the end there is a letter from the author to readers about digging deeper and learning more and some discussion questions for small groups. There is also a Study Guide webpage of extras, including: links of things to read, videos to watch, and maps to look at. I loved learning about bow making and Israeli Mammals. The more in depth 48 page Study Guide, Digging Deeper into HIStory, is also available online to purchase separately. A small glimpse of it is available to download free from the webpage as well.

I enjoyed reading the book and it definitely opened my eyes to what it may have been like for the Gibeonites. The main character, Keshub, was very interesting to read about and learn of his way of life, family, friends, and things he learned along the way while growing in his faith and becoming a man.  I loved the imagery of the text. My mind's eye was flooded with what it might have looked like. This book has historical and scriptural fact, supported by archeological evidence & research integrated with artistic vision and ingenuity that breathes life into the text. It takes you on a great adventure back in time and builds your understanding of Bible history and geography. I highly recommend this book!

Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer by Peggy Consolver Book is available on, Barnes & Noble, Mardel’s Christian Bookstores, and “Wherever fine books are sold!” has it at $10.14 for the paperback and $2.99 for Kindle.
The Study Guide, Digging Deeper into HIStory, is available on for $12.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for Kindle.

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