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Enlivenze LLC Rainbow Pencils FlipStir Puzzle Review #ShakeStirSolve

My family had the privilege of trying the Rainbow Pencils FlipStir Puzzle from Enlivenze LLC for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

Enlivenze LLC are the makers of the creatively fun and highly addicting FlipStir Puzzles. They were looking for smart active play and their ideas made something very unique. This is a great company with wonderful ambitions and an eye for innovation.

The FlipStir Puzzles are award-winning art-inspired handheld toys that challenge the mind. These all enclosed, self-contained puzzles are made up of ten plastic pieces that make up a picture when solved. These plastic pieces are three-dimensional (3D) and half-moon shaped with one of the flat sides having a piece of the picture. They are totally surrounded inside a tube that you can see through. This tube has a ball that is attached to a moveable wand on one end that allows the player to flip and stir the puzzle pieces within the tube. To solve the puzzle all you have to do is line up the pieces in the correct order to reveal the artwork. Then you can shake the tube to mix the pieces up once again and start the process over. There are 5 different puzzles, all of them require no batteries and are made in the USA. They come in two different difficulty levels and are designed for 7 and up.

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

I love trying new games and toys that look like they would give my family a challenge or have some educational properties. The FlipStir Puzzle is both of these things. It improves eye-hand coordination, problem solving, fine motor development, patience, and self esteem.

Rainbow Dash approves of the Rainbow Pencils FlipStir Puzzle :)

We received the Rainbow Pencils FlipStir Puzzle to try out. I chose this one because of its bright fun colors and that is was a level 1, so that maybe all my kids could try it out. I was very enthusiastic about this puzzle and wanted my kids to share my interest in this neat toy, but at first I was met with disapproving shrugs and shaking of heads. My kids didn't warm up to this inventive toy right away like I thought they would.

I love this puzzle because it is completely encapsulated. The pieces cannot come out of the tube and therefore won't be lost. I wish all my puzzles were like this because my kids are notorious for loosing pieces to things! I also believe these to be a perfect on-the-go travel game for this very purpose!

Yay me! I solved it!

After I myself sat down to try and solve the Rainbow Pencils FlipStir Puzzle the inquisitive eyes from my younger children came over to watch me in my endeavor. I solved the puzzle in about 10 minutes, noting that you could put the word "RAINBOW" reading from top to bottom or bottom to top depending upon how the pieces were positioned in the tube. I liked holding the tube sideways while I worked the pieces into position and found that working from one side to the other was the easiest for me. After showing that the puzzle was indeed solvable to my children they proceeded to try it for themselves. I guess they needed some inspiration and a little coaxing first although for them it was a good test in patience.

Teela trying to solve the Rainbow Pencils FlipStir Puzzle.

All FlipStir Puzzles are $24.95 as of this post. You can purchase them through the Enlivenze LLC website.

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