Monday, January 18, 2016

PretendWear Color 'n Wash Ribbon Princess and Deluxe Fairy Princess Dresses Review

My girls coloring their PretendWear dresses with the paint daubers.

My daughters love to pretend all sorts of things and they love craft projects, especially when the craft involves coloring. PretendWear Color 'n Wash are costumes that your kids can color with the washable paint daubers that they come with. These costumes are made of dupont soft structure™ material that won't fray and are a child's one-size-fits-all so kids of all sizes from age 3-8 can wear these. The coloring book type designs on the outfits are outlined in permanent black ink so they won't wash out and so they can be colored, worn, washed, and colored over and over again. They are machine washable or can be washed by hand. These costumes come in all kinds of styles to choose from for both boys and girls. On the PretendWear Website you can find princesses, mermaids, fairies, pirates, superheros, butterflies, etc. They come in whole costumes like: dresses and jumpsuits to partials like: skirts, aprons, and capes.

PretendWear Ribbon Princess and Deluxe Fairy Princess. The backs of the dresses are colorable too!

My daughters got to test out the Ribbon Princess and Deluxe Fairy Princess dresses. These wearable dresses both are very customizable, re-designable, and so adorable! Teela picked the Ribbon Princess and Zari picked the Deluxe Fairy Princess to paint/color. We also received large paint daubers in yellow, pink, purple, and green to use to color the dresses with. The dresses both say on the website that they usually come with 3 paint daubers each. You can also get other washable: daubers, markers, glitter paint, etc. on their website to decorate the costumes with. Both Teela and Zari had so much fun making their dresses colorful. After they had painted one side of the dresses they patiently waited while it dried. It didn't take very long before the front was dry, but my girls wanted to wear them right away. So, before they colored the backside of the dresses I got some cute pictures of them modeling them for me. My favorite dress is the fairy princess because I love the petal sleeves and leaf skirt! They both turned out so nice. My girls are going to have endless fun with these!

PretendWear Color 'n Wash costumes can be purchased on their website for $14.95-$24.95. You can also get capes for your child's stuffed animals for $6.95 that can also be colored and washed. The paint daubers are $2.49 each.
DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free to facilitate this review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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Sarah Sobocinski said...

This is so cool. A great combination. My daughter loves to color and loves to dress up in princess dresses.