Monday, December 14, 2015

Trudeau Stocking Stuffers Review

I received these products free to facilitate this review.

The holiday season is upon us and Christmas isn't too far behind. Trudeau has innovative kitchen tools, gadgets and other houseware products that are perfect to take your holiday entertaining from kitchen to table in style. Their products are perfect to gift to those on our lists that love cooking, baking, and entertaining guests. The smaller of the products in their catalog fit very nicely in a stocking.

Trudeau Star Cookie Cutters and Gingerbread Cookies.

Set of Five Star Cookie Cutters: These festive star cookie cutters are great for dough, fondant, pastries, shortbread, Jello, fruit cutouts, etc. They come in a gift pack of 5 stars of varying sizes so they nest together conveniently for space-saving storage. Made of stainless steel with a nice coral colored finish, these are made to last. We love these and made star shaped gingerbread cookies easily with them. SRP $11.99

Sparkling Apple Cranberry Cider in festive glasses with the Trudeau International Wine Charms.

International Wine Charms: The International Wine Charms are great for adding class to your glass stemware and to make sure everyone knows who's beverage is who's. They are easily identifiable featuring 5 different fine wine regions of the globe that they represent including: Italy, France, Argentina, Australia and California with a sixth charm representing the world wines. Since my family doesn't drink alcohol we used them for our sparkling cider glasses. These charms are made of stainless steel and have a soft-touch backing to protect delicate glassware. SRP $11.99

Trudeau Flex Pot Clip working its magic!

Flex Pot Clip: The Flex Pot Clip is great for keeping messy cooking utensils off the counter and stovetop. It easily clips onto the side of a saucepan or stockpot to hold the utensil, eliminating the need for a spoon rest. Drips go right into the pot, not onto your counter or stovetop. This really is a great little gadget! I love that I don't have to clean a utensil AND a spoon rest now. It has heat-resistant silicone pads that protect your pot from getting scratched by the stainless steel underneath and the silicone that holds the utensil keeps it from slipping. Can withhold heat up to 428 degree Fahrenheit and is dishwasher safe. Comes in red, blue, or green. 5-year warranty. SRP $8.99

Trudeau Zest Grater zesting limes.

Zest Grater: This compact ultra fine Zest Grater is perfect for adding flavorful garnish to your meal or recipe. It is great for: citrus zest, hard cheese, garlic, nutmeg, and other spices. It features a built in protective sleeve handle that slides shut for safe and convenient storage. It slides open with a push of a button on the handle. Stainless steel blades are at the optimal cutting angle for zesting and grating. With a little pressure and back and forth movement of the fruit on the blades of the Zest Grater it was easy to grate the lime peels I had. It rests easily on a bowl for the zest to fall right into. It also has a nonskid rubber tip that keeps it from slipping and sliding off the surface where you are doing the grating. The lime zest was also really good sprinkled onto the potato wedges we made. It gave everything a little more zing. I love the bright green and yellow color that the Zest Grater come in. It goes so well with lemons and limes. Dishwasher-safe on top rack; washing by hand recommended to preserve blade sharpness. 5-year warranty. SRP $9.99

Olive Oil with the Trudeau Universal Dripless Spout for Garlic Herbed Potato Wedges.

Universal Dripless Spout: This Universal Dripless Spout is very handy for dispensing oil or vinegar without mess from virtually any bottle. I found a glass bottle that I had saved and the graduated silicone stopper fit perfectly into the neck. It is 100% dripless and pours the olive oil I put into the bottle neatly. Comes with a cap for storage and a integrated holder for the cap so you won't misplace it. I loved this for the Garlic Herbed Potato Wedges that I made. It made drizzling the oil over them so much easier. 5-year warranty. SRP $11.99

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DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received these products for free to review. My thoughts are mine and my family's own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

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