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Super Teacher Worksheets Individual Membership Review

My family had the privilege of trying the Super Teacher Worksheets Individual Membership for this review to use in conjunction with our own homeschool curriculum. This is a Schoolhouse Review Crew Review. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family.

Whether you homeschool, are an elementary educator, or just want to have an educational activity for your kids to do after school this year, Super Teacher Worksheets has got you covered with their vast selection of worksheets and activity pages. This website offers hundreds of online printable pages in PDF format from their membership database. This database covers a huge range with subjects in: Math, Reading, Writing, Phonics & Early Literacy, Handwriting, Grammar, Spelling Lists & Worksheets (Gr. 1-5), Foreign Language, Music & Art, Health & Safety, Science, Social Studies, Holidays, Puzzles & Brain Teasers, Teacher Helpers, Pre-K & Kindergarten, and even Make Your Own Worksheets. The majority of these are geared towards Pre-K through 6th grade.

Super Teacher Worksheets (STW) is a very affordable option for homeschoolers, teachers, educators, parents, and caretakers of children. The price for an individual membership is only $19.95 (U.S. Dollars) per year. This individual membership lets you easily navigate the whole website and download as many printables as you would like during that time to print them out or save them into your own STW Filing Cabinet so that you may download and print them out at a later time if you choose.

Navigation of the Super Teacher Worksheets website is pretty straightforward. Once you log in to the database you will see your name at the top and when your membership is active through. This is a great reminder of when you will need to renew your membership of your account. This along with the STW banner (clickable, to get you back to the homepage), account, renew, logout and filing cabinet buttons, and a search bar are always at the top for easy access. The homepage has some of the main subjects listed as headings with links for more specific categories under them. For example; for the Math heading it would have Addition, Algebra (Basic), Area, Counting Money, Decimals, and so on as the more specific categories with links that head to those pages. If you go to one of these pages you can find even more specific narrowed down categories within these pages, some having links to more pages and others having the view PDF link under them. From beneath most worksheet name, description, and grade level you can select the view PDF button (which will open the PDF file to be able to print it and/or download it), CC icon (if there will open a pop up that tells you about the common core standards alignment; including the code that goes with it and a brief description of what is learned), lang icon (if there will open a pop up that tells you other languages the worksheet is available in; English and Spanish), magnifying glass looking icon (which will open a pop up that lets you preview a tiny version of the file before you open the actual one), and file folder icon (which lets you add the file to your STW Filing Cabinet). Once you have saved a file to your virtual filing cabinet the file folder icon on the page you found the file on will be highlighted so that you will know that you have it already saved. It really is easier to find things than I just described and you can always use the search bar located at the top of each page too.

You can also make your own worksheets with the various worksheet generators. You can make your own: math pages, games (flashcards, BINGO), puzzles (crosswords, word searches, word scrambler, missing letters), quiz generators (multiple choice, matching, fill in the blanks, short answer/essay), and teaching tools (classroom newsletter, calendars).  Members can save their generated worksheets in their virtual filing cabinet too!

How We Used This and Our Thoughts:

In my homeschool my youngest two girls are the only ones still in elementary school. My daughter, Teela, is in 2nd grade and my daughter, Zari, is in Pre-K. So I used the Super Teacher Worksheets website with them. They both love homeschool and enjoy doing worksheets and activity sheets.

Zari doing the autumn Super Teacher Worksheets I printed for her.

The Super Teacher Worksheets website has some seasonal pages on their homepage. These rotate depending upon the season that it is in the year. I found some autumn/fall ones that were age/grade appropriate for my daughters and printed them out for them to work on. I am so glad they list what grade level each worksheet is supposed to be for. Zari needed practice with her fine motor skills using scissors and cutting paper so I thought that the leaf and pumpkin mini-books would be great for her because she would be learning counting, colors, and cutting skills. She kept saying she loved her little books she made. I was happy she liked building them so much. She loves working on homeschool work when her siblings are also doing theirs. Zari also did the color-by-number scarecrow. She knows her colors well, but couldn't read the words for each color yet, so I colored each word the color they were supposed to be to help her. She is also working on learning her numbers by sight. The color-by-number scarecrow that I printed for Teela was slightly more advanced and had her subtract numbers to get the number that the section was supposed to be colored. I also printed out a color-by number squirrel that had her subtract numbers to get the answers. These were too easy for her, but she had fun doing them. I also printed out an Autumn is awesome crossword puzzle and pages for reading comprehension called Nature's Rainbow.

Teela working on some of the Super Teacher Worksheets for Autumn.

Zari working on her skills cutting with scissors with Super Teacher Worksheets.

Since Zari needed to learn scissor skills I found pages just for that for her under the Pre-K and Kindergarten section. She loves cutting out things and asked for more pages to cut out. She cut shapes, curvy wavy lines, zigzag lines, and straight lines. She did very well for her first time cutting on the lines.

Make sure to print preview before printing Super Teacher Worksheets.

I printed out an Alphabet Picture Book for Zari as well so she could color, trace uppercase letters and some words that begin with the letters. As I was printing the first page I noticed that it didn't print properly (just printed boxes where other things should have been), so I stopped the printing right away. I am glad I was watching because I would have printed out 28 pages of weird boxes instead of what it was supposed to be. I looked at the print preview and sure enough it wasn't liking something in the code. I instead downloaded the PDF instead of just opening the one directly from on the site, then I printed it and everything printed fine. I am not sure why this happened, but I wanted to make sure my readers knew about this. Before printing out something from Super Teacher Worksheets make sure the print preview is looking good for all the pages you are printing.

Zari working on the Super Teacher Worksheets ABC Book.

We love Super Teacher Worksheets! It is, like I mentioned above, very affordable and they seem to have a worksheet or activity page for everything for elementary school students right in one easy to access website. I love that you don't have to dig around and search the whole internet for something that goes with what you are teaching. We had so many more worksheets and activity pages that we printed for our girls to work on. I also love that most of their worksheets have a answer sheet with them so the teacher/educator can check the student's work easily and quickly. They have so many different worksheets and activity pages to choose from. We are going to use this a lot throughout the year. This is certainly a wonderful resource right at my finger tips.

The price for a individual membership for Super Teacher Worksheets is only $19.95 (U.S. Dollars) per year.

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