Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rainier Oregon Gift-Giving Program

My good friend and fellow homeschooling neighbor, Talina Aubian, has been tremendously busy giving her time and her love to the Rainier Gift-Giving Program with the Angel Trees that have been posted around Rainier Oregon. She and others have been making sure kids in this community don't go without this Christmas. The number of kids that have been provided for is an astounding number of over 200! Each child was selected by a member in the community that witnessed their need and the entire process is anonymous.

My family was among the ones on the receiving end of all of this selfless charity. We were not expecting this at all and want to thank whoever put our name in and whoever got gifts for our kids. They are so excited! I also want to thank Talina and whoever donated them to her for the awesome real Christmas tree for our home! I love the wonderful smell it brings. The kids loved decorating it and placing the new gifts under it! We are so very grateful and are truly blessed. God is good!

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