Monday, February 22, 2010

Teaposy Review

Teaposy is a wonderful company that sells blooming flower teas and accessories for your blooming tea enjoyment. If you have never heard of blooming tea you really should try it because not only is the tea delicious, it is also a work of art. Once you place the blooming tea bundle in the bottom of the glass teapot and pour the boiling water over it the magic starts and the leaves slowly unfurl into a beautiful, mesmerizing bloom. The Teaposy glass teapots are hand blown Borosilicate glass (glass with a high and low temperature durability) so they are great for steeping the tea as well as storing in the fridge. The teaposies are each hand-crafted in the Fujian Provence in China with dried silver needle white tea bundles and sewn together with jasmine, calendula, rose, lily, amaranth, camellia, chrysanthemum, or carnation flowers to form one of Teaposy's 8 patented blooming tea designs and they are also naturally and repeatedly infused with the scent and flavor of freshly picked jasmine flowers.

I received the celebrate gift set from Teaposy for free to test and review. This set includes a 24 oz hand-blown glass teapot with lid and loose-leaf filter, a selection of eight assorted teaposies and 2 decaf herbal tea sachets. Teaposies and sachets come individually vacuum sealed for maximum freshness.

Included in the set I received these teaposies and sachets:
*butterfly - jasmine, amaranth, silver needle white tea
*falling water - jasmine, calendula, silver needle white tea
*heart of love - rose, lily, silver needle white tea
*calendula - calendula, silver needle white tea
*crown me - chrysanthemum, jasmine, amaranth, silver needle white tea
*lady fairy - jasmine, lily, silver needle white tea
*let it snow - chrysanthemum, coconut fruit fiber, silver needle white tea
*red song - carnation, silver needle white tea
*spring sonata sachets - hibiscus, lily, rose, lavender, chinese globeflower, stevia leaves, forget me not

I love these blooming teas! The flavor is full and rich. I did taste the jasmine in the background of the teas, but it was pleasant and not too flowery. They take just 3-6 minutes to fully bloom and steep and they are such a delight to behold. Once I am done with these I am going to have to buy more to steep in my glass pot. It is so meditative and peaceful to wake up and watch one of these bloom in the morning. It just makes the rest of the day so much better. The glass teapot is lovely as well and is the perfect elegance to show off what's inside. Not only can you use it for blooming teas, but it lends itself very nicely to brewing loose leaf teas too because it has a stainless steel spiral strainer that is built right into the spout and catches the leaves as you pour your tea. It is eco-friendly too since it is made from 20% recycled material. Since it is glass, however, one does have to be careful with it...especially around kids so it won't end up broken.

I brewed the "let it snow" one first and got a few pictures of it blooming to show here. It was a fun one to see bloom and my children delighted in watching as well. It actually sort looks like the bloom is in a snow globe. Really quite a neat effect. I also have the video off the Teaposy website to share with you as well, because then you can actually see some of the teaposies bloom yourself. Take a look...

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